Many moons ago, an archaeologist named Christopher traveled the world in search of ancient relics of the past with his faithful companion, Marty the dog. The two went on many timeless adventures, but old age caught up to Christopher, and he needed to relax a bit.

Marty took up the torch and continued to search for relics for his master. Before this, Christopher eventually got married to a new woman named Clara, and the three adventured together as one big happy family.

The three are on the hunt for a mysterious artifact known as the “Heart of Space”. During their travels, Clara mysteriously disappeared. Marty and Christopher spent days looking for her, with her nowhere to be found. Heartbroken and crestfallen, Christopher nearly gives up his adventuring days, but Marty has other plans…

My Diggy Dog 2 is the heartwarming tale of companionship and family. Players take on the role of Marty as they explore and help Christopher find his missing wife. As it is a sequel to the original My Diggy Dog, players will once again find themselves in deep, dark caves in search for clues and treasure.

As Marty, players will run, jump, push, and evade enemies as they explore the caves. Many contraptions and traps await you, so be on your paws as you explore. You will need to manipulate objects to solve puzzles, such as pushing crates and boulders around.

Clara is still out there, and she needs your help! My Diggy Dog 2 is available on the App Store.

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