It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you are caught in the conflict! Dig Dog is a cute and simple action game where you play as a good little doggie in their quest to find a buried bone. Using simple touch controls, run around the field until you pick up a scent, then follow it to find the bone! Our Dig Dog cheats and tips will show you how to become a bone-tracking master and how to get lots of presents!

Dig Dog is a fairly simple game, but that does not mean there is some nuance to it! Let’s get started with our Dig Dog cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Run around wildly until you get a scent!

The best thing to do at the start of a match is to run around in circles… big circles! Your dog will pick up the bone’s scent once you are looking in the general direction of the bone. That is why our best strategy is to simply move around in circles, as it will guarantee you facing the direction of the bone eventually. Once you see that single blip on the meter, then go ahead and start heading in that direction!

Keep going! You might get the golden bone!

Even if you are falling behind, do not give up! There is a chance that whenever you successfully hunt down a bone, you might dig up the elusive golden bone, which is worth three points instead of just one. If you get really lucky, you might find one when you are falling behind and it will put you back in the lead, so do not give up – keep digging!

Keep digging for bones!

You may be way ahead of the rest of the pups, but do not stop digging for bones! Keep in mind that bones also double as your “experience points”, as your total collect bones is tallied up at the end of the match. This means that the more bones you get, the more presents you can earn faster!

Tail the other doggies for hints!

If you absolutely cannot get a bead on a bone, try hanging out near the opponent doggies. They will eventually find a scent, so following them around until they do is not a bad idea. Hang out around them and the second you see them start sniffing the ground, start exploring the area around you to try to beat them to the bone.

Dig for more presents!

If you like playing dress up with your doggies, you will need lots and lots of presents, as they each contain new costumes for your pups. You will get one automatically upon leveling up, but sometimes you can also dig them up from the ground! It is another reason to keep digging even you are behind/in the lead!

That’s all for Dig Dog! If you have any other digging tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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