You once lived a peaceful life, living in a cozy little cottage with your sweetheart. You dug some mud every now and then to search for glorious treasures… but all of that changed when the mole nation attacked. A huge angry kidnapped your sweetheart, and now it’s time to rescue her in Diggerman!

Diggerman is a fast-paced action digging game inspired by retro arcade classics. Sporting pixel graphics, this digging simulator puts you in the shoes of the titular Diggerman as he digs through a quest to find his beloved.

Using one-touch controls, you’ll dig diagonally to the sides as you make your way to the core of the Earth. Collect treasures on the way to increase your score, but be sure to keep an eye on your battery power. Once it’s out your run is over, so be sure to grab the batteries scattered about to extend your run!

If you can survive the perils of deep Earth, then you may just come face to face with the huge angry mole himself. Fight off with the denizens of the deep in ferocious boss battles and save the day!

With five sprawling worlds and loads of treasure to collect, Diggerman is a multilayered adventure that’s going to take some time to dig through. Grab it now for free from the iOS App Store!


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