Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide: Build, Skills, and More

Crusader is a relatively new class in the Diablo universe. These holy warriors were added only in the DLC for Diablo 3. But their origin is deeper than it seems to be at first look. Crusader is some kind of a replacement for Paladin from Diablo two. So, how strong this fighter of hammer and shield is in Diablo Immortal? In this article, you will find the answer. This guide will tell you about Crusader in Diablo Immortal, his skills, and more.

Crusader Skills in Diablo Immortal

Crusader is some kind of a reworked Paladin we got in the DLC for Diablo 3. This class’s skills are mostly related to the holy light, hammer, and shield. Crusader in Diablo Immortal has a couple of interesting abilities, but we are going to focus only on those that will be good on the highest levels. There are a few of those you will be interested in.

The first skill we are going to talk about is called Draw and Quarter. This ability affects your playstyle in a very unusual way as it allows your Crusader to mount a giant armored horse. This skill is the main source of your damage and we are going to focus on the items that improve it. The other good skills are Consecration, Falling Sword, and Spinning Shield. As your primary attack, you can choose Sacred Flame.

Crusader Build in Diablo Immortal

When we finally determine which skills we are going to focus on, we need to choose our equipment. As the main legendary pieces, we recommend you to pick Stickwith’s Advantage, Kyroleir’s Cortwear, and The Bazeeger. These things will be very effective when you mount your horse. Also, we recommend you to choose The Beast of Ten Wings, and The Many Eye that are going to improve your other skills and make you stronger when you fighting on the ground.

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