Diablo II Resurrected: Paladin Class Guide

Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected, like the original Diablo II, features seven different playable classes coming with unique skills and playstyles that make the entire experience extremely varied. Sure, not all classes are on the same level, but the game is so well balanced that all of them can be viable, with the proper skill and gear setup.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Paladin, one of the most interesting classes in Diablo II Resurrected.


The Paladin is a very interesting class in Diablo II Resurrected that is not only capable of dishing out extremely high damage thanks to the Combat Skills but also is quite capable at supporting allies with the Offensive and Defensive Auras, special skills that augment existing offensive and defensive combat skills. Additionally, one of the Paladin builds, the Hammerdin build, is considered among the strongest builds in the game, so if you want to have a shot at the higher difficulty levels, the Paladin is the class to play.

Despite its versatility, the Paladin is a very straightforward class that is great for newcomers, as the Auras do not have to be constantly managed, allowing the player to focus on fighting enemies.

Paladin Skill Trees

The Paladin can learn skills belonging to the Defensive Auras, Offensive Auras, and Combat Skills trees. You can find all the available skills below.

Defensive Auras

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Prayer1Heals all party members
Resist Fire1Increases the Fire resistance of all party members
Resist Cold6Increases the Cold resistance of all party members
Resist Lightning12Increases the Lighting resistance of all party members
Defiance6When active, aura increases the defense rating and physical damage reduction of you and your party
Cleansing12When active, reduces the length of time you and your party will remain poisoned or cursed
Vigor18When active, increases stamina recovery rate, maximum stamina and movement speed for you and your party
Meditation24Boosts Mana recovery for all party members
Redemption30When active, tries to redeem corpses of slain enemies to give you mana (and life)
Salvation30Increases all Elemental resistances for all party members.

Offensive Auras

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Might1Increases damage dealt by party members
Holy Fire6Periodically does Fire damage to nearby enemies
Thorns6Enemies take damage when they attack party members
Blessed Aim12Increases Attack Rating
Concentration18Reduces the chance that your attacks will be interrupted
Holy Freeze18Periodically slows enemies nearby
Holy Shock24Periodically does Lightning damage to enemies within a radius
Sanctuary24When Active, Aura damages the nearby enemy with magic and provides bonus magic damage to attacks. When active, attacks ignore undead monster’s resistances
Fanaticism30Increases your Attack Rate and Attack Rating. Increases damage for all party members
Conviction30Reduces enemy Defense and the Resistances of monsters

Combat Skills

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Sacrifice1Increased damage at the cost of health
Holy Bolt1Bolt of energy that damages monsters, or heals friendly units.
Smite1Shield bash that does damage and knock back
Zeal6 Quickly attacks multiple adjacent enemies
Holy Light12Heal a target
Charge12Closes the distance with an enemy, delivering a bash on contact
Vengeance18Adds Elemental (Fire, Lightning and Cold) damage to all melee attacks
Blessed Hammer18A summoned Hammer spirals outward, damaging enemies. The Undead take additional damage
Conversion18A successful attack has a chance to convert the target to fight evil
Joust24Teleport to your enemies and destroy them with a dangerous strike, gaining increased movement speed upon landing
Fist of the Heavens24Lightning attack from the sky that releases Holy Bolts
Holy Shield24Magically enhances shield to give defense bonuses
Holy Nova30Create a nova of Holy Bolt, healing allies and damaging monsters caught in it

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Diablo II Resurrected: Paladin Class Guide


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