Diablo II Resurrected: Necromancer Class Guide

Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected features seven different playable classes that come with some unique skills that allow the player to approach the game’s many challenges differently. This, in addition to the deep loot and customization systems, let players play Diablo II Resurrected any way they want, granted they know what each class is good at.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Necromancer and all the skills he can learn.


The Necromancer class uses dark magic to serve the light. Staying true to his name, this class uses magic to raise the dead to fight on his side, power them up, and even weak the enemies with all sorts of debuffs. The Necromancer can be frail, true, but he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Given how the Necromancer can sit back and let the summoned dead do all the dirty work for him, this class is a decent choice for beginners, although some builds are considerably more challenging to use than others.

Necromancer Skill Trees

The Necromance can learn skills that belong to the Summon Spells, Poison and Bone Spells, and Curses trees. You can find all the skills, the level requirement, and their description below.

Summon Spells Tree

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Raise Skeleton Warrior1Cast on the corpse of a slain monster. This raises a skeleton warrior that fights for you
Skeleton Mastery1Improves the quality of your raised Skeleton and Magi
Raise Skeletal Mage12Raises a Skeletal Mage that fights for you with an elemental attack
Clay Golem6Raises a Golem from the earth to fight for you
Golem Mastery12Enhances speed and life of Golems, and increasing the amount of golems summoned
Blood Golem18Summons a Golem made of Blood
Blood Warp18Relocate the necromancer at the cost of life. Health lost regenerates over 5 seconds
Iron Golem24Summon a Golem from a metal item. The golem gains properties of the item
Fire Golem30 A Golem of fire that uses fire damage to heal itself.
Revive30Resurrects a monster to fight for you

Poison and Bone Spells Tree

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Teeth1Summons multiple projectiles that damage enemies
Poison Dagger1Adds poison damage to a dagger and leaves a poison cloud on attack
Bone Armor6A protective shield that absorbs damage
Corpse Explosion6The targeted corpse explodes, damaging all nearby enemies
Bone Wall12Creates a barrier of bone
Desecrate12Summons a poisonous pile of corpses
Bone Spear18Summons a magical missile of bone
Bone Prison24Summons a ring of bone to surround a target
Poison Nova30A ring of poison explodes from the Necromancer
Bone Spirit30Spirit tracks down a target, or finds one of its own

Curses Tree

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Amplify Damage1Increases the amount of damage received
Curse Mastery1Provides benefits to curses and allows to apply additional curse for every 10 base levels
Dim Vision6Decreases radius of awareness
Dark Pact6Consume the curses placed on enemies within an area sealing a dark pact and dealing damage to the monster for each curse devoured
Iron Maiden12Damage dealt is damage received
Life Tap12Attacking a cursed soul gives you health
Terror12Cursed monsters run in fear
Weaken18Decreases the damage the target can do
Confuse18Cursed monsters attack randomly
Attract24Causes other monsters to target your enemy
Decrepify24Target’s Speed, Attack speed and Cast speed is slowed
Lower Resist30Elemental attacks do more damage to the cursed monster

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Diablo II Resurrected: Necromancer Class Guide


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