Diablo II Resurrected: How to Farm Gold

Diablo II Resurrected

Money, or gold, makes every type of world go round, and this is the same in Diablo II Resurrected, as there many things in the game that would be impossible to accomplish without it. Unlike most modern games out there, however, gold in the second entry in the Diablo series starts becoming less important as your characters become more powerful, but if you’re just starting out, having a decent amount of gold with you does not hurt at all.

Here’s how the gold mechanics work in Diablo II Resurrected and how to farm it.

How to Farm Gold in Diablo II Resurrected

Gold Mechanics Explained

In Diablo II Resurrected, gold is mostly obtained by defeating enemies and selling items. You can carry 10,000 gold per level, meaning that the maximum carriable amount of gold at level 99 is 3,490,000, a huge amount that very few players have carried at one time since the original game’s release, given how difficult it is to get to level 99 in the first place.

Gold cannot be lost or stolen at any time while your character is alive, but you will lose it if killed. If you die, will lose a percentage of your carried and stashed gold which depends on your current level, but that never exceeds 20%. The remaining gold will fall to the ground in a pile.

How to Farm Gold

Farming gold quickly in Diablo II Resurrected is a matter of luck, as the most efficient way for players in the early game to do so is by selling items. Generally, items that are exclusive to a single class will sell for far less than items that can be used by multiple classes. Items with +skills also sell quite well, and the higher the level of the +skills, the more valuable the items. The best items to sell are Staves, Scepters, and Wands.

Selling gems, rare and elite quality items will also net a great amount of gold. Explore as much as you can, defeat all the enemies you encounter, and sell the best items you find to get enough gold to carry you forward during the adventure.

If you have advanced enough to be able to take down Champion packs, you should always be ready for them with as many Gold Find as possible on your gear. With enough, you can get over 10,000 gold, which should be more than enough for your adventuring needs, and can possibly get you started on gambling.

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Diablo II Resurrected: How to Farm Gold


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