Diablo II Resurrected: Druid Class Guide

Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected features different playable classes that come with unique skills that let players take on the game’s many different challenges in a variety of ways. While some classes and builds are better than others, the game’s unique gameplay mechanics make it so that even the worst classes have a chance at surviving Diablo II Resurrected’s highest difficulty settings.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Druid class and the skills it can learn.


The Druid class is among the most interesting available in Diablo II Resurrected, as it comes with skills that are great for crowd control. The Elemental skill tree allows the character to use elements to dispatch enemies with powerful spells and even deal burst damage with the poison ailment, while the Shape Shifting skill tree lets the Druid go at enemies directly by turning into a werewolf or a werebear. The Summon skill tree augments both skill trees greatly, by allowing the Druid to summon a variety of animal companions and spirits to keep enemies at bay.

While the Druid can be very effective in the right hands, it is not a class that beginners should play due to its complexity.

Druid Skill Trees

The Druid comes with the Elemental Skills, Shape Shifting Skills, and Summoning Skills tree.

Elemental Skills

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Firestorm1Wielding this ability, the Druid projects waves of molten earth that spread outward and burn a wide swath of destruction through his foes.
Molten Boulder6By virtue of this talent, a Druid can summon forth a huge, rolling mass of magma, bowling over smaller enemies in its path before bursting into fiery shards.
Arctic Blast1Aided by the will of the North Winds, the Druid conjures up a chilling torrent of frost that incapacitates all caught within the frozen blast.
Cyclone Armor6This skill allows the Druid to sheath himself in a swirling mass of charged particles that absorbs damage from fire, cold, and lightning-based attacks.
Fissure12Sending his plea to the very core of the earth, the Druid rends the earth’s very crust, tearing open volcanic vents beneath the feet of his adversaries, charring them to the bone.
Twister12Calling to the winds, the Druid sends small whirlwinds advancing into the midst of his enemies, buffeting and stunning them as they go.
Gust18Teleport to a location, chilling monsters around you.
Volcano24A Druid trained in this ability possesses the power to summon from the bowels of the earth a violent eruption, raining molten rock down upon all nearby foes.
Tornado24Manipulating the great winds into a fearsome cyclone, the Druid sends this force of destruction into a throng of opponents, crushing into them and leaving devastation in its wake.
Hurricane30Particularly talented Druids can summon this most potent gale of devastation. A fierce storm wreaks havoc around him, while the Druid stays cradled within the gentle calm of its eye.
Armageddon30This terrible force of nature’s vengeance rains down flaming stones around the Druid who cast it, pummeling any opponents foolish enough to be caught in its fury.

Shape Shifting Skills

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Werewolf1This ability allows an enlightened Druid to take on the form of a wolf, imparting to him quicker reflexes and heightened combat facilities.
Lycanthropy1Increases life and attack rating percentages.
Werebear1This skill empowers the Druid with the capacity to assume the form of a savage bear, granting him great strength and fortitude.
Feral Rage6When in werewolf form, go into a frenzied rage to steal increasing amounts of life from your enemies with successive hits.
Maul6When in Werebear form, maul your enemies for increasing extra damage with successive hits.
Rabies18When a Druid utilizes this ability, he toxifies his own saliva and attacks his enemies with a vicious bite, spreading a contagious disease that wracks the flesh of his infected opponents.
Hunger12While in Werebear form, consume a corpse to temporarily gain movement speed, critical strike and life steal.
Fire Claws24While in his animal form, a Druid can use his affinity with the natural elements in order to supplement his attacks with a blazing assault.
Shock Wave18With a tremendous roar, the Druid shakes the earth, stunning any enemies in the surrounding area with the resultant tremor.
Fury30The use of this skill drives the Druid into a bloodthirsty frenzy, attacking many foes with a raging fervor.

Summoning Skills

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Raven1Summon Ravens to peck out the eyes of your enemies. Ravens will cast “blind” on enemies they attack. Summon an additional raven per cast every 10 base levels
Poison Creeper1A more subtle ally, these intelligent vines travel through the ground and use their cruel thorns to poison any opponents they contact.
Heart of Wolverine6This ability grants the Druid the knowledge needed to summon into being a spirit that increases his skill in battle, as well as that of his party.
Summon Spirit Wolf12This gift of Nature allows the Druid to conjure forth one or more wolf allies who, with their mystical powers, provide the Druid a potent and ferocious colleague.
Carrion Vine12The sentient plant summoned by this skill draws the corpses of your enemies into the ground, where it rapidly decomposes them, giving their life energies to the Druid who summoned it.
Spirit of Barbs18The spirit invoked by this skill bestows upon the Druid and his company the mystical ability to reflect damage back at any opponents who injure them.
Summon Dire Wolf24This blessing from Nature imparts to the Druid the ability to summon several great wolves. Though the wolf is already fierce in combat, its savagery becomes greatly inflamed as it consumes the corpses of fallen foes.
Solar Creeper24This skill conjures forth an intelligent plant that draws the enemy’s dead deep into the earth, where it drains their spiritual essences and bestows them upon the Druid who summoned it.
Oak Sage30The Druid uses this ability to call upon a helpful spirit of Nature to enhance his well-being, as well as the health of his companions.
Summon Grizzly30This boon grants the Druid the aid of a tremendous wild bear with huge claws and great fangs that fights ferociously alongside him with terrible strength and unmatched fury.

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