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Design My Room Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Design the Best Rooms

Design My Room Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Design the Best Rooms

If you’re looking for some Design My Room tips and cheats to help you get more positive votes for your design and get enough money and diamonds to afford all the best items and decorations in the game, you’re at the right place! Because today we’re helping you become a solid in-game designer.

Design My Room is the latest in a series of games that helps you become a virtual designer and does a great job offering high quality visuals and a really active community. The game is fun to play and the more active you are, the more rewarding it gets.

But you can still get better – for that, check out our Design My Room cheats and tips below and have fun becoming a world renowned designer!

Complete the daily missions
If you need more money and diamonds fast, the easiest way to get them even if you’re not scoring the big points in the design challenges is by completing the daily challenges.

You have to complete them all each day or get as close as possible in order to unlock the treasure chests and grab the rewards. The most difficult one – especially when you’re just starting up – is the one requiring you to use 65 items in your designs, but completing that every other day is still better than nothing.

Eventually, you will have enough items unlocked through various means and it won’t be as difficult to complete that mission daily.

No need to use all possible items in a design
I’ve seen many designs with very poor ratings just because those who created them decided to fill up all spots available. This is usually a mistake and even more so when you don’t have that perfect item to fit the design.

Instead of using something that upsets the balance – or using something just to add an extra item to a room – it’s better not to use anything at all. In most designs I usually leave at least two spots not filled with items and I still manage to score at least A- on them!

Unlock the story with badges
As you play the game, you unlock badges, which can be used to unlock new episodes in the game’s main story. This is done through the main menu and you can skip the stories entirely as they are text and image only and you don’t get to play through them.

But you should unlock them nevertheless because once you reach a certain number of unlocked episodes, you are rewarded with a gift holding extremely useful goodies for your career as a virtual designer.

So, if you are not really interested in following the actual story and the adventures of the main character, you can simply hoard badges until you have enough to unlock a gift, then use them one after another, skipping the actual story. Your choice!

Do the Special challenges first
Every day, there are a few special design challenges that will reward you with better rewards than the regular ones. There’s even the chance to see, if you scroll down the available challenges, which special ones will follow and then.

Make sure that you take part in as many special challenges as possible, because the rewards there are great and much better than those in the regular ones.

Vote other designs and learn from them
First of all, don’t forget to vote for as many designs as possible. It’s the community and the votes of fellow players that make or break a game like Design My Room, so make sure to do your part here. And don’t hesitate to be forgiving when it comes to ratings and offer more likes than dislikes.

You also have a lot to learn from this: look at the designs you’re voting for, check out items used, the colors and how everything is placed in the room. Then look at the ratings that particular room design got and learn from this: if the ratings are overwhelmingly positive, you should try and replicate such designs. If they are mostly negative, make sure not to repeat the mistakes the designer did.

Be selective when it comes to challenges
You will do better or worse in a challenge depending on what items you have on hand. Each room type goes better with a particular type of items, while some of the items are only available for particular rooms.

Try to focus and specialize early on in order to increase your chances of getting the high ratings. Design My Room is a waiting game and you need to be patient: you will have, sooner rather than later, enough items to do well in multiple categories, but initially you should focus on just a couple.

Remember that usually the rarer, more expensive items are getting better ratings in the game (for the right reason, since they’re usually better looking) and you won’t be able to get them all as soon as you start playing!

This would be everything that we have for you today in terms of Design My Room tips and tricks. Do you have other strategies to share with fellow players? If you do – let us all know by posting your comments below!

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Design My Room Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Design the Best Rooms


  1. I keep getting 3.7 or 3.8….how can I get better votes. How can I tell who keeps disliking my rooms and ruining my chanes of free items?

  2. I cant find instructions for the game. I have no idea what purpose the coins serve. The cues for them just show purchasing them with diamonds and everything paid for with diamonds.

    • You purchase furniture and items with coins. Pay attention to the price under an item and it will either have coins or diamonds for the price.

  3. Never mind about my question seeking instruction for game and purpose of coins and how to get them. I started from beginning, still only able to go only to design and found that the room that I had partially finished was gone and the diamonds used for it were also gone. I uninstalled the app.

    • I used a translation robot for the text below, I hope that the defect is not too disturbing.

      You have done yourself a favor by removing the app. It’s a matter of time before I take the same steps. I admit that it is quite a fun game but it is also very expensive. The moment you participate, you have no idea that you will have to keep investing from your own pocket, because the prizes you win won’t get you far enough to be able to play the game at a decent level. It surprises me more and more that so few players express their concerns about the approach of DMR. All the more so since recently, in order to encourage the players to spend even more, extra criteria must be met in order to be able to deliver a room. Each piece can only be used 5 times and then you have to take out your wallet again !!! The multitude of decorations that are expected of you to be placed and the associated price tag mean that you cannot help but establish that you have a costly hobby. In relation to the cost of the game, the DMR team remains seriously in default. There is only a minimum of guidelines, feedback is non-existent, the quotation is not based on professional standards but through the like system. So it’s the players who award each other points. Clarity about what is now decisive to see a 5 star design translated into a Top design is nowhere to be found, instead you get the advice to study the top designs thoroughly !!!! A help desk is available, but the quality is a joke. The commercial character, after all, they are allowed to earn a living, has in my view been turned into ordinary profit with all the manipulations that a consumer can fall prey to as a result.

      • So very true! When I started the designer newsletter was about how we should not use the same piece of art twice in one room. What a joke! Now they are asking for up to 5 pieces of wall art! It is impossible to find 5 pieces that go together without repeating. Almost every challenge asks for two pieces of art where only one should be. Clearly this is just a money grab. No designer would put 2 pieces of art over one desk, unless they were small pieces, and FIT, not spread out like these challenges.
        Each week there are limited time offers of a certain color scheme. I used to be able to save some for a later challenge and add some blue pieces (for example) to a yellow room a few weeks later. Now all of the challenges for this week are all the same color scheme! It is boring to do the challenges and boring to judge as they all look similar because everyone is forced to use the same art and accessories.
        The challenges looking for 3 grey wood contemporary items and 2 white global items (for example) are RIDICULOUS!!! Again, just a money grab. A lot of the time you cant possibly fill the requirements without spending a LOT of diamonds.
        I will not be purchasing diamonds any more. I didnt mind paying $10 or so a month to play, but now it’s just ridiculous. Bye bye Design my room. You have killed a great game!
        I truly wish you would go back to design challenges that make sense. Then, I would continue playing!
        I doubt they are actually reading any of this though!

    • Keep them, you will need them later, almost every design needs hearts (they call them as lives)… I’m lact of them everyday and have to buy them using diamonds.

  4. Contact design my room to the Facebook page or if you can’t get them to help you with your problem contact Google Google will fix it right away for you we have all had a lot of problems with his on my room not getting are diamonds we paid for furnishings etc so first try to contact dmr. There’s also a link in click on your picture and go to settings and they’ll be a contact us link and you can click on that and contact them that way as well good luck

  5. I have had this app for a little over three weeks now. I thoroughly enjoy designing. However, I am displeased with the scoring system. On a recent challenge result, I scored 4.99. Why not bump it up to 5.0 stars? A couple of designs that I did before that one scored 3.98 and 3.93, respectively. Again, why not bump up the score since it’s so close to 4.0? I wish that I could just design and not submit it for a score. I will like the option to choose because I don’t think the scoring is fair. The design that received a score of 3.98 was almost identical to one of the top designs. How can that person get 5.0 stars and I get 3.98?

  6. Where do I find these high special design challenges? I have clicked into everything. All I can do is play challenge by challenge as I unlock and do one, then I can unlock and do another. Or is there a set amount for the entire day and you have to play them all?

  7. I feel like this is just a venting board amd no one really reads our comments from DMR. I don’t understand why this was created and we are allowed to leave a reply or post yet we do not receive any comment in return. This is frustrating.
    Your comments on career are spot-on- what is its purpose?
    I have joined DMR last year and for sure the scoring system doesn’t seem full proof. The rounding off of scores will be beneficial to those getting scores that almost hit 4 or 5. My 5 star scores are like only 20% and cannot figure out how to get to the top designers because i cannot figure out how it id done.
    Frustrating that although i love the app no one seems to care from the developers either. So might just leave it.

    • Unfortunately, this is just a website that has no connection with the developers of the game and most likely, they are not reading these comments. If you want to get in touch with them, it would be best to contact them directly via the game’s support page.

  8. Needed a better explanation of how the monthly card works. No where does it say, “after you pay money, the jokes on you because you have to jump through hoops to acquire the daily diamonds.
    Also, a coin should not equal the same amount as a diamond. Diamonds should equal to 3 coins based on the literal out of pocket price.

    There’s no ads because players must pay outta pocket to progress in the game.
    Financially and personally disgusted. I buy things and the next day, they’re gone.

    This game is a blood sucking leech.

  9. I’m not sure if you received an answer to this. I just started playing. Level 11 and purchased a monthly card. It gives you 5000 diamonds immediately. Then each day it gives you 600. The card renews monthly. If you check out how much diamonds cost this is a good deal. You might want to check before purchasing but I believe it says it renews automatically. I am sure there is a way to cancel it I just haven’t looked into that because right now the card is very beneficial for me. Hope that helps.

    • The card does not renew automatically. You can see how many days you have left each time you collect your diamonds and you have to purchase again when the month is up.

  10. Plz answer me back as i was never compensated for a few of my designs being ruined by overlapping furniture. Another issue i am now having is that im in a challenge n it requires 2 wood items. I purchase a nightstand that states its wood. I enter it n nothing changes. Im pissed off cuz i myself have experienced several flaws in this game n never even get my questions answered. Ive spent alot of money n deserve to play like everyone else. Plz answer me…


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