Design Home is a new game for iPhone and iPad that puts you in the shoes of a wannabe room designer and other players are your judges. The game challenges you to design rooms based on specific instructions. Things won’t be as easy as they might seem since limited funds and certain restrictions will be in place, but the overall experience will be great. I love this game and apparently everybody else does! So I decided to come and share with you some Design Home cheats and tips to help you win the challenges.

So let’s not waste a single second now! If you have installed the Design Home game from Crowdstar and you can’t win your challenges or you’re already out of money, read on our Design Home tips and cheats and you’ll be fine!

1. Don’t waste money early on
When you start playing the game, it seems that you don’t have any items to play with. Although that is mostly true, you should learn to make the most out of what you have. Instead of wasting money on the best looking items, keep an eye on the prices and buy the cheapest available. You will see that otherwise you will run out of money really fast.

2. Pay attention to the theme
Each design challenge has to follow a theme: make sure that you know what that theme is and try to design accordingly. For example, if you have to design a minimalist & modern place, don’t bring redneck stuff and heavy leather items. Just follow the theme and you will do just great! And don’t forget that sometimes less is more: you don’t have to fill the room with decorations and stuff every time you create a design!

3. Copy what others are doing
You will be voting a lot in the Design Home game by Crowdstar, so keep an eye on the ratings. See which designs get the better ratings and try to learn why were they considered better than the others. You will soon see that people like complementing colors and items that go well one with another – so if you don’t have the items required, it might be better to simply skip the design completely instead of filling it with items that don’t belong.

You can also check out the top rated designers and rooms in the game for inspiration. These are usually designs that are filled with premium items and rare ones that you might not have access too, but check them either way just to learn a bit about what gets voted highly!

4. Never stop voting
Pretty soon, you will most likely run out of money and you’ll have nothing else left to do but to wait for the results of the rooms you have designed. In the mean time, vote as much as possible. You get 3 keys for every 5 votes you cast and you usually need 25 keys to submit a single design… so keep voting! This also helps the game and keeps everything interesting. And make sure you spend time to actually choose the design that looks best for you: tapping randomly on a room will only destroy this game!

5. Be patient and take your time
It’s not easy to earn money in the game (but it’s easy to buy stuff if you want to), so log in daily to pick up your rewards, invest in nice items knowing that you won’t be able to have them all and be patient. If you take a break from designing for a few days, you will have enough items and diamonds to build amazing designs that people will love.

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow virtual interior designers who love playing Design Home by Crowdstar on their iPhone or iPad? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


  1. I love playing this game, but I can’t figure out why things I buy disappear and I have to debug them. Like the gold holiday wreath, I’ve used it many tomes, yet just had to rent it. Do we only get to use an item so many times and then it’s gone from our inventory?

    • You only get 5 times to use a item. I suggest contacting them and doing a review. I hope they change that because it makes it hard to play.

  2. Yes. You only get so many in your inventory before you have to buy them again. There’s a little blue box in the upper right corner of the item to show you how many you have.

    • I want to know how you use the prizes? When I check my “inventory” I see tons of prize furniture, but when I am designing a room none of it is available for me to use. All I see are purchased items.

    • Things cost $ and diamonds. If something cost $ you can use diamonds to fill in the extra cost but you can’t use $ to buy diamond items. At least from what I’ve noticed. Hope that helps.

    • I would like to know this as well. I also do not understand why a simiar item might cost dollars and the other item cost diamonds. I wish items only cost $. Diamonds could still be used to fullfill missing cash and to purchase keys and whatnot.

    • No you can not refund an item once purchased by either cash or diamonds, however you can double click it and it will take it out of the inconplete room and put it back into your inventory.

  3. Does anyone know if voting by others is the only factor in the way scores are given? Winning designs are sometimes not the best and do not honor the theme of the challenge!

    • I know! I find that so frustrating. People don’t seem to read the design brief. So if you follow the brief, you may not get votes!

    • I agree. I didn’t use a rug on the design because the description said she liked the sun on the wood floor. Lowest score I’ve had. A lot of the themes are not being honored.

    • I agree too. And sometimes the winners are just plain ludicrous. For example, a designer may create a room that looks good for the theme but the Moscow poster would not be on display in a house in Cuba for example. Or better yet, American cities posters in a house in Russia (or most other countries unless they are ex-Pats and even then their neighbors would probably shun them).

      I like the design concept but I’m getting more and more frustrated by the game and the results. I did spend a lot of money in the beginning and it was then that I received my highest marks.

  4. Some tips I have for other players are,
    Watch your symmetry, try to balance the size of stuff through out the room and try to center your wall pictures.
    Try to add a spot of color to a monotone room
    Contrast light or bright furniture in a dark room and vice versa
    Don’t enter any completion if you don’t like the prize and don’t use something you accidentally won if you think it is ugly it probably is.
    I find the most popular colors are blue rooms or black and white rooms
    Don’t decorate wallpaper with pictures, stick to a clock or wreath or a word, remember less is more.
    One print in a room is enough, 2 is pushing it and 3 is a low score
    When there are 2 chairs or tables or lamps ect. in Arizona they should be the same, most people will score down if not.
    Above rule is reversed for pictures, don’t put 2 of the same pic in a room.
    This is what I have observed, not necessarily my taste, good luck and have fun

    • Tomorrow the game will give you 500 diamonds and if you do the Daily Challenge, you will get 2500 dollars. For today join my Design Home Support group page on Facebook and tell me which challenge you have up and I will help you use your existing inventory

  5. I would like to invite everyone to the Design Home Support page on Facebook. Download pics of your success es and failures. Give constructive criticism. And make friends.

  6. What does the + mean above the bubble? I’ve completed the room but it won’t let me enter my design. It says not all requirements are meet. All bubbles were used, whats a person to do?

    • This is the same problem I’m having. It tells me “Not every required item is filled” but it is. I can’t fill anything else. I’ve done the room 5 times now and still getting the same error. It’s for the current daily challenge, Making New Memories.

      • Yep exactly the same 5 times and still can’t. Guess we’ll loose out one the $ and diamonds for the challenge, wish someone would monitor site and fix it.

      • You may have filled in the bubble with an item but maybe it’s not a requirement (specific instructions are sometimes given where you are supposed to use a specific brand or color or style etc.) Make sure you have fulfilled the specified requirements

  7. I had to replace each item until I found the one that was sticking. It was the console table. The bad part is that it took two of my console tables even though I only used one. I hope I can get it back

  8. I’d love to know how to get a new ID…is this possible!? I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and was hoping to start again. I thought you got a set amount per room, not a running total.

    • Yeah I wanna start over, I accidentally bought some expensive things that I didn’t want and now I’m gridlocked. Is it possible?

  9. Only after playing this game for awhile did I find out that it is a scam. Problem is, it’s a phenomenal game but they cheat their players. So they get 5 star ratings on the game, but most mention that it needs improvement, doesn’t seem fair, etc. I wrote to Crowdstar, thinking they were making errors, or that a glitch stole my money and some of my inventory. It never was answered. But you see as you go on, you can’t possibly be an active player without paying to play. People are reporting $20-50 a month. Why didn’t they charge for the game and just treat their gamers well?

    • Yep, I’m with you there. I think I’ve spent about $40 on the game.
      It doesn’t seem like the game designers are actually listening to the feedback.

      • Several of the other games out there at least allow you to watch a video ad to earn money to play. But not this one. And I would like to see them make some sort of chat room where players can meet and discuss different ideas or get to know each other.

        • If you go to the + sign next to your diamond total it will bring up a menu where you can purchase diamonds. On the far right side it says free. Click that to watch videos, complete surveys, etc. to earn diamonds.

          • Don’t try to do the survey .kept getting redirect to another survey did not get diamond promised only received 20 diamond and to top it off i’m getting a lot of calls from telemarketer. Would not have mind if I had received the diamonds

        • There’s lots of ways to get LOTS of free diamonds. When you click to by diamonds click on free on the left then scroll down and it says complete offers. You can play other games, sign up for a Western Union and Rush Card (you don’t have to activate them) download certain apps and do the free trial. I’ve gotten tons of diamonds this way. You can also watch videos for like 20 diamonds.

  10. In some designs, a message will appear that says “item too large for area” for every item in my inventory, yet it will allow me to purchase much larger items for the same space. Is this a glitch or a money making scheme by Crowdstar?

  11. Why after you have been scored for a room you just designed, do they not tell you why they gave you the score that they did? I have designed what I thought were really beautiful rooms and received some low scores! Why don’t they tell you what you did wrong?

    • It is because “they” is all of the people that voted on this particular challenge. When you vote a challenge appears. Randomly, two participant’s entries are presented for you to choose from. “They” should be viewing the photos and looking to see if the design has the required elements, what is the room used for, is the design balanced, does the design fit the building and room within building description, is the design cluttered, off balance with too many random pieces, etc. Then “they” choose one of the two or if “they” think that they are basically the same then “they” use the equal (=) icon. For each voting group 10 photos are presented to you randomly, 2 each, 5 times. However, I do think that some of the decisions are based on the voter’s personal visual preference rather than true design rules. I have only been playing this game for a week. Of the nine challenges that have been finalized I received 4+ stars on 7 of them and 3+ on 2 of them; 4 earns you a prize, 3.99 or less earns you nothing. Both of my 3’s were from my first and third challenges so I learned from my mistakes. One design I knew I would not win after seeing the voting in progress. It has too many unrelated elements. The other design was balanced and colorful, maybe too colorful for the voters’ tastes. You will get a feel for what is good through the voting and from your final rating in each challenge. Do not get frustrated. I view this as a learning game and I believe it has sharpened my eye for detail. Good luck and try to have fun with it!

      • But it’s more than that… voters don’t seem to care about the design brief when voting. If it says to ‘create a space for twins with different styles’ yet the winning designs are all completely symmetrical with the same furniture and artwork, how is that fair?

        • I noticed that in the design for the twins with different styles also. I designed a completely different space for both children although the designs were compatible in color coordination etc. But many of the five star designs were symmetrical. I didn’t understand that.

        • That drove me crazy too! I was so proud that I fulfilled the challenge in a cute and complimentary way and received a horrendous score. I was so annoyed that all the winners were matchup matchup and not at all what the challenge asked for. I am one that really tries to fulfill the requirement and seem to score better on my least favorite designs…Lol.

  12. I love this game but it needs better accents. Some throw blankets , flower arrangements dried or real, or decorative vases and urns. The candle arrangement for Christmas was awesome more candle Arrangements like that would be. And more artwork pictures quite a few of the pictures do not go with the challenges. Color choices for carpeting, and maybe a little more rustic items or maybe some more antique items and unusual art.

    • One thing i found with carpet choices, they are more expensive than any other type of accent item. I also noticed that you have to hit certain levels to get different items. I have yet to find what level i am at. Where do you find it? I also have noticed that with the requirements for different rooms and styles, for when i vote, they do not correspond to the type that was supposed to be used. How is it that other players are using items that don’t meet the requirements, but are still being able to enter it into the voting process. I do believe that some don’t care how their room looks, and just put anything in, even though it does not match. Like on the Exclusive Waterfront Home, has the green, purple, orange wall paper, and i have seen during the voting process that some are not presentable, to me. I showed my boyfriend and he agreed mine looked best so far because i used colors from the wallpaper to decorate my room.

  13. This is a very frustrating game. The only time I am able to decorate a room with the furniture I want to use, I have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. $10 for a room? Otherwise, I have to settle for items I don’t really like because they are cheap. There’s no way to make enough money in the game unless you wait until the next day. It’s really very annoying. I feel like I’m being cheated.

  14. I really like this game, but i get frustrated when i can only enter a challenge 3 or 4 times a day…why dont they give us more challenges per day???

  15. I feel like the only ones complaining are the ones who cannot take a challenge. Sure the money is limited, and sure you have to work with “what you got” but that’s the whole challenge
    Of the game!!! A true artist can piece together cheap items mixed with let’s say one or two good items and make it look beautiful. You also need to know what items to invest in.. items that the color scheme will work with most of your pieces no matter if it’s a living room, dining, or bedroom. As some other players have stated, they made a big mistake purchasing expensive items at the beggining not realizing they should reserve the money and spend carefully. I did the same thing! Including an 8k carpet! However, I learned quick from my mistake and about 20 designs later I’ve gotten 4+ stars. Word of advice.. classy not tacky gets you good ratings. And color coordinate!!!! If you choose 1 blue item, make sure there is blue in other areas like in the flowers, in the carpet, or whatever. I find that the pictures that get the worst rating are a room that looks “good” except that one random colored piece of furniture that doesn’t belong. If you don’t have all the right pieces, don’t do the challenge! Save and conserve them for another challenge.

    • Exactly how I feel. Sometimes it reminds me of that show that used to be on HGTV or DIT called Trading Places. You can make a beautiful room with less expensive items.

  16. Crowdstar has filtering problems in their games and they completely ignore complaint tickets about the filters. In Design Home, I own many items that never come up when playing. Others are random. For example, I own 9 stools that are available in my inventory but most of the time only 3 or 4 will come up. This happens with no other filters other than “stools”. I also own dining tables and a sectional sofa that never have become available. I have android devices so I’m not sure if the os is the problem but it isn’t in their Covet Fashion game.

    • I have the same problem. In a recent challenge, it showed only 3 dining tables being owned. In fact, I had at least 4 more. They weren’t showing as unavailable due to size, but simply not existing. This is frustrating, as it puts you in the position of needing to purchase something new (that you doing need) to complete the challenge. And, maybe that’s the point $$…

      • I try to follow the requirements to a “T”. If it calls for a using the contemporary style with rustic accents, I look to see what is in my inventory for what needs to be in that room, I use those first if i can, then design around those items. I try my best not to use all my cash or diamonds i have collected so i can use it when i don’t have something in my inventory, that i can purchase in another challenge. If a challenge calls for a certain vibe about it, like southwestern. I pick the rug first then design around that. That way i don’t have a billion different styles and colors. It’s so easy once you use the main key piece and design around that.

      • That is the point. Their goal is to get you to spend money and the more the better. Your full inventory will never be available when designing.

    • I’ve cleared the cache and force stopped many times and I’m still having inventory problems. I own 16 ottomans but usually only 4 or 5 filter as available. I still can’t access any but 1 of my dining tables. Sometimes items show but say they are too large. By closing and reopening, the same item fits just fine. This happens often. I’ve written so many tickets with no response. I have no idea if or when we will ever see all of those sectionals filter. Does anyone know of any other good interior design games that actually run properly?

  17. Hi! I have been playing this game since it first came out and now I have about $100 and thousands of diamonds. I can’t even buy a table! I’ve been trying to restart the game……Is it possible to do that??????

    • Go to your application manager in your device settings. Find the game, open it and select “force stop”. This often corrects a misbehaving game. Unfortunately it hasn’t solved my problems with Design Home. Good luck!

  18. Does anyone know why I’m not receiving the items I’m supposed to win? Every time I’ve received 4.0 or above, the prize I’ve supposedly won is never in my inventory. What am I missing here?

    • I have noticed that too. Most of my designs are more than 4.0, and there are things i thought i had, but my inventory does not show it.

  19. Do anybody know why they would decrease your personal score. Did 15 challenges and all of a sudden my personal score started going up and down, which it wasn’t doing before.

  20. My biggest “complaint” is that sometimes items I KNOW I had in my inventory…Usually things I’ve won…Suddenly disappear without me ever having used them! Is there a time limit for prizes…Use it or lose it type thing?

  21. This game cracks me up. Totally tries to get you to spend real money. I have 14 different sectional couches, 5 uses for all of them. So far I have not seen any challenges that use sectional couches, I’ve been playing since Nov. 2016. It’s an easy way to give a prize on 4.00 designs & higher without really giving a prize since you can’t use it.

  22. I have no problem spending a little money to be entertained, but they really need to be more fair to their players! The prizes are useless, the wallpapers are hideous, and because of a bug, I spent $13,000 on five sets of something. I contacted them about this and they made no apologies. Yikes! Yet, I find myself addicted. Perhaps in the spirit of Lent, I should no longer indulge.

  23. I wrote about a problem to the problem conversation page about a bug in my game, it was solved but the wording still remains in the conversation section, so I can’t write any more complaints!

  24. I’m so mad now. I spent an hour designing an amazing room, anchored with the perfect rug. All looked great, but after I hit enter, my rug disappeared!! WTH?? Now it looks horrible. I would love to know a) why that happened (I do own the rug and only used it twice) and b) is there a way to edit our challenges or delete them to start over as long as they’re still open? Glitches like these are extremely frustrating.

  25. I added a rug to my design and hit finish, they asked if I wanted to purchase the rug I hit no, now the design came out without the rug. Is there a way to go back into my design to add the rug?

  26. I am amazed at some of the designs that have won. I design as a hobby and I am pretty good at it, so I cannot believe some of the designs that are receiving perfect scores while mine sometimes receive less than four stars. I’ve noticed people are afraid of color, monochromatic usually wins, and I don’t think people are voting on what they really like, only hitting stuff at random so they can receive keys.

    • I totally agree. People don’t like color or wood. Yet some of the designs that win don’t remotely follow the design team like using formal upholstered furniture for a rustic dining theme. And sometimes the winning designs are God awful! I’m really surprised at some of the five point ratings.

  27. Why do you use diamonds to purchase $cash? Once you use the Diamonds to purchase $cash, what is the $cash used for? Can you only use diamonds to get furniture and rugs? Or can you use $cash to get furniture and rugs? And when I say cash here I mean the dollar sign$

  28. I have been playing for a few weeks. It’s a fun game, but totally designed to manipulate you into spending money to keep playing. The ways of manipulation are:
    * You can only use an item 5 times before it disappears from inventory.
    * Some designs’ required elements are very pricey and specific, so you either buy the items or you can’t play. If a design requires a yellow sofa for example, unless you have one already in inventory, you don’t want to spend $2000 on a yellow sofa that will not play well with anything else you have.
    * Limited number of designs per day.
    * Prizes often aren’t anything you’d want.
    * Waiting a long time to get results to design competitions.
    * Two types of currency – “cash” and “diamonds”. You can exchange diamonds for cash, but not the other way around.
    * Some things you really need to complete a look, such as accessories and artwork, are only available with diamonds and those are hard to come by.
    * You cannot sort your inventory to determine how many items you have or what their design attributes are. For example, you may have 3 couches that look black and contemporary, but maybe one couch is tagged as “dark grey” and another is tagged “traditional.” The only way to tell is to enter a challenge and see what the filters do.
    * Create bogus ratings and scores to keep you playing in hopes you can better your score or rating. You can only better your personal rating by spending a lot of money.

    I could go on.

    I have not spent any money on this game and have enjoyed it quite a bit. Here’s my strategy to get the most enjoyment for no money:
    * Log in daily to get your daily bonus and to check in on how your designs have scored.
    * Complete the daily challenge to get the big $2500 bonus. This challenge usually has few rules around it. If you want to get rid of junk and take a low score just to get the bonus, this is the place to do it.
    * For other challenges, read the requirements and enter the challenge temporarily. Use the “Requirements” filters to see if you have the big-ticket items on hand – sofas, dining tables, cabinets etc. If you do, put those in place and then see what smaller-ticket items you need to buy with the games “cash” and “diamonds” to fill out the design.
    * Buy plain big-ticket items that will go with a lot of designs. A grey or white sofa, a dark cabinet, a neutral rug. Don’t splurge on a fancy colorful big-ticket item – it will overpower designs.
    * Spend the game’s “cash” on smaller-ticket items such as lamps, side tables and ottomans that have some personality and color.
    * Don’t worry about your individual point rating. It’s meaningless! All that matters is that you enjoy your designs.
    * You can sometimes hide ugly items that you got as prizes alongside beds and sofas, depending on the angle of the room.
    * If you don’t have enough good items for a design, it’s better to skip it than to waste one of your five turns on a mediocre design. The only exception to this is if you want to burn a TON of ugly items just to get the “cash” bonus.
    * Don’t take the stories about the designs too literally. Voters can’t read them when they vote anyway.
    * Finally, you need to be patient. Play once a day to maximize your rewards. Don’t keep checking in all the time. If you don’t have good stuff for a design, skip it! There will be a bunch more posted tomorrow.

    • Well put, Didi. That’s pretty much how I play, too. I especially agree with your point about sorting our inventory…it’s difficult to know how the game will filter. I bought a small item categorized as a “garden stool”, but its description contains the word “ottoman”. It doesn’t show up in my inventory by either filter.

      More frustrating is the game designers’ lack of response to everyone’s suggestions and legit problems

      But still, I’m having fun with it.

  29. I would LOVE if this game had a feature where you could SELL some of the items you buy. Sometimes I buy specific things for a challenge and never use them again. Or I buy something when I’m high on the hog that later I need to hoc to get something else. OR I buy a rug that I thought was great at the time only to grow to hate it, especially when you see everyone else using it for the same reason. It could even be where you have to get a discounted price on it or something. Or sell it to other players!! Like, buy it at a discount but maybe you only have like, one ottoman left and you can sell it. Okay, maybe that’s too much. Anyway, it would be nice to have another way to get some cash without having to dig in your actual wallet. As someone who designs on a budget I think it would make it more realistic.

  30. I cant finish my design as i need 3 geometric items but it just comes up with a rug and i already have it in the room has anyone else had this problem?

  31. Suddenly I can’t purchase diamonds with my verizon account. I aLways have and dont know what happened. I used the email but never got a response. Anyone else?

  32. I’ve been playing this game for about a month, and I still don’t understand how the inventory works. I have a lot of stuff in my inventory that doesn’t show as available when I do my challenges. I’ve seen that question asked in this thread several times and no one has answered it. Does anyone know how you access everything in your inventory?

  33. What is going on with the scoring? You used to be able to see the results immediately after the voting ended (on the design page within the design), but now I’m waiting 8-10 hours to see results? Grrr!!!!

    Aside from that, I enjoy the app. Wish they had more wall, rug and table art choices as others have mentioned (too much man-cave or juvenile stuff) and 1-2 more challenges per day. As far as $$-saving tips, I try to buy within a handful of color schemes so I can use my purchases in multiple rooms (which is why we see so many black, white and grey designs), and save the DWR and other expensive items just for those brand challenges when they appear. I also do not use table art when it’s too small to be able to even tell what it is in the picture nor do I use more than one picture on a wall – you can use an extended-arm floor lamp to fill those wall spaces ($$ vs. diamonds) – unless you really need the extra pics to pull the design together. And, as someone mentioned, if the room design is tough with the items you have and/or the prize isn’t something you will use, then skip it and save those dollars for another challenge!!

  34. I guess this is a stupid question but can anyone tell me what prize means when buying design options. Do you get a prize for purchasing the item. I’m a little confused. Amy help with the question would be appreciated.

  35. I think it means at some point the item has been or could be given as a prize for a 4.0+ rating. Seems pretty meaningless considering the odds of it showing up as a prize in a future challenge when what you want is to use it now.

    It does help to know what the prizes are for current challenges, in case there is something you want…or don’t.

  36. I used to be able to play the videos for diamonds in the free section but all of a sudden none of them won’t play and I cannot reap the free diamonds. Also, there have been a couple of times I have fulfilled the game requirements (also for free diamonds) and never got them. When I contacted tapjoy, they said I had to send them a screenshot (well, that happened the day before and I deleted the app already). Flaky at best.

    • I haven’t had any issues completing the offers and I’ve gotten lots of free diamonds. I’m sorry you’re having trouble 🙁

  37. I’m addicted to this game! Never spent a penny of my own money. Just make sure and do the daily challenges for $2500 and your money shouldn’t run out. Also do the free offers. I’ve made LOTS of diamonds this way. I do not like the voting, it’s very subjective. I’ve designed plenty of rooms that are worthy of 4 or more and only gotten scores in the 3’s. People don’t pay any attention to the requirements.

  38. There are not enough challenges each day, so I really wish they would ad a permanent staging show room that is not a challenge but always there, where you can decorate and place your items in the room to see how the pieces you have work together and to practice designing. That would give us something to do when there are no more challenges to do or when you can’t enter the available challenges. I sent them an email suggesting more challenges each day and a staging room but I doubt they care about what we would like to see in the game, since I never even got a response to my email.
    Also, I have been playing this game for several months and have never spent a penny of real money on it. I use the tapjoy tasks to earn diamonds (it’s under “FREE” when you click on the + to buy cash or diamonds). I earn an average of 3000-5000 diamonds a day completing offers that cost no real life cash to complete. It’s a bit tricky figuring out which offers are likely to work and be truly free, it is worth the time it takes to earn diamonds for free, which allows you to play the game without spending any money. I NEVER ever spend real life money on games and never will. There are always ways around it where you can still play the game successfully, if you are willing to spend a little time, and can be a little patient.
    The game designers do try everything they can to make it where you need to spend your money to play, so I take great pleasure in finding ways to play the game successfully and to my satisfaction, without spending any real money, lol.

  39. Also, when you use the tapjoy tasks to get free diamonds, ALWAYS ALWAYS take a screenshot of the finished task page, because if you don’t get your diamonds for completing the task, you can send in a ticket by clicking on “missing diamonds” at the bottom, and tapjoy will email you asking for a screenshot to prove you completed the task. At least 60% of the diamonds I earn, I have to send in a ticket, but as soon as you reply to their email with a screenshot proving you did it, you will get your diamonds within 24-48 hours. I usually end up getting mine within 12 hours, but sometimes it takes longer if they have a lot of tickets at that time.

  40. I am noticing people using artwork that isn’t a prize or on the inventory list when you move up a level. Does anyone else notice this?

  41. There are no surveys available for my location only games that crashed my phine and my tablet. Its hard to do a good design on these limited resources.

  42. I don’t like the voting rule. Competing against people who have spent much more. To be honest some of my designs have been identical to others, they get 5 stats, I get 4 point something. Many times the winning designs are UGLY –
    I am over this game.

  43. I am wondering if anyone can tell me why, when I have purchased items, for example: I purchased two or three really nice dining room tables. They still have 4 uses on them as I only used them for one design each. Yet, when I go to a dining room challenge, they never show up so I can use them. This is very frustrating as I purchased them and now I can’t use them? This has also happened on other items I purchased, what gives? And how will I ever be able to purchase them? Oh yea, I also bought an accent chair, had 4 uses left yet EVERY design I tried to use it on it came up as ITEM TOO LARGE!! Really? Then one day it was just gone from inventory! I purchased this item and was only able to use it once. Things like this piss me off about this because these are items I could have used to do a much better design. Instead, I was forced to purchase another item to make it work and it was usually an item I could barely afford to purchase and NOT as nice as one I already purchased butnever came up when doing achallenge. Any answerrs?