You’re stranded at sea! With no food or supplies to help you get through the day, you’re left with no other option but to fish! Desert Island Fishing is a simple, retro-inspired fishing game. With simple one-touch controls, fish up the ocean and survive the island!

Desert Island Fishing starts you off on a, well, deserted island. There are over 400 fish to find, each with their own funny little descriptions. The more fish you reel in, the more your gear can power up. Boss fish lurks in the deepest depths of the sea, so you’re going to need all the power you can get!


The ocean is a vast landscape for all sorts of life, and you’re going to be catching more than just regular fish! With some good old angler grit and a little bit of luck, you might just find yourself reeling up lost species, or even wreckage of a fantasy ship. Who knows what else is lurking down there?

Once you catch enough fish from the island, you’ll be able to move on to a new locale! Looks like the island wasn’t so deserted after all! Each new location has a new character to interact with and new and unique fish to catch. Can you find all of the locations? Only the true fishers will be able to catch all the fish!

Desert Island Fishing is available now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


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