If you want to join the league of Evil Kids (or whatever they’re called), Disney offers you the chance to do so in the newly released Descendants Game for the iPhone and iPad. You will find out that things are just like they are in a regular highschool (plus the spells and monsters) and nothing’s going to be easy. But I am here to help you a bit with some Descendants cheats and tips that will help you become a legendary in no time and get the most out of this game. Which is not much, unfortunately…

But let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below some Descendants tips and cheats to become the best!

1. You should only start missions when you have full energy (or close to full energy). All missions require you to tap the screen in order to fill up the meter with shields and the more shields you manage to fill up before the time expires, the better your Legend meter increase will be. Also, if you manage to get all the shields before the time runs out, you will automatically complete the mission and won’t have to spend time waiting for the timer. So do some waiting, take some breaks and only come back to the game after your energy is full.

2. Learn to navigate in the game: you will have to do a lot of pointless travel from a point to another just to waste time and you’ll have to learn where everything is in order to get there faster. Basically, you need to know that the scooter that takes you to the other areas is at the School Entrance (get to it via the Directory) and then everything else is a few taps away. Boring and pointless, but that’s how the game works. Fortunately, you are usually told exactly where you have to go in order to reduce the random wandering around.

3. Tap things around you: try to tap on all the objects you can see in each scene and remember which can be tapped, because they will hide treasures and goodies for you.

4. Always help the people in the school: if you are helpful, you will get missions and completing missions helps you become a Legend. There’s no other way around it, so always help your colleagues – but make sure you have some energy when starting a mission to be able to actually complete it!

5. When you are doing missions, try to plan your shield gathering in such a way that you spend the least possible energy to fill your meter up. For example, completing a task that requires 6 energy will give you two full shields (4 pieces), while a 2 energy task will give you 1 full shield (2 pieces). So it makes more sense to go for the 2 energy ones rather than the 6 energy ones as you save two energy every 2 shields!

6. Dress up: change your wardrobe and style as often as possible – that is what the girls suggest. I still didn’t see any actual effect new clothes have on the game, but they might, so make sure that you spend your hard earned coins on unlocking as many wardrobe items as possible and always look like a real fashionista.

7. Don’t spend your gems to hurry time for missions! Instead, you can try the time lapse cheat: go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by 60 minutes or as much as you need to get to the mission or fill up your energy. It might work!

These would be, for now, our Descendants tips and cheats for the iOS games. If you have anything else to add, don’t hesitate to let us know!


  1. You dont really need to have “full” energy to stary missions.
    But if you want to get alot of energy (red apples) then go to every area and click on the hidden objects (trash can ect.)
    Go to another area and then go back to the previous area and the apples,coins,ect will respawn back!

  2. can not go past level 20 it will not let me…..and the legend status will barely start to fill on legend status 1 than will not fill anymore should be at least at 6 also makes you repeat missions you have already done

    • I can’t get past level 20 either,it won’t let me either, the game keeps crashing when try to change clothes and the app won’t update either, I couldn’t get Evie’s outfit either for some reason, I agree that the game needs an app page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too

  3. I am currently unable to meet Jay in the fitness center, as it is locked, but it is my next mission. I’ve read app reviews etc. & quite a few people seem to have this issue, but no one has answered with an actual solution. Any idea how to fix this?

  4. It keeps making me go back and replay missions I’ve already played. Most of them will say “Replay” but I’m not exactly sure why considering I got the shields in time, and I’m not able to play anything past “Promoting the Heritage Festival”, can someone please explain this ridiculousness to me!

    • I have the same issue. Customer support was unable to help me. After sending tons of screenshots and data about my game, they flat out told me that they don’t know what is wrong, that there was no reason for me to be stuck, & I’d have to wait around and hope the update fixed it.

      I even restarted my game and am now stuck at the same place again. :/


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