The legions of hell have captured your best friend, and now it is up to you to dive straight into the bowels of the inferno to rescue them in Dungeon of Weirdos, a rather unique dungeon crawler from ChillyRoom, the team that brought us Soul Knight and We Happy Restaurant.

In Dungeon of Weirdos, players may choose from a variety of heroes that each have their own different skills to help you get through the dungeon. These skills make all the difference in your runs, so try all of them to see what they are capable of!

Each floor of the dungeon is presented in an almost Pac-Man like state, with long narrow corridors, lots of twists and turns, and a ton of energy balls to collect. To move onto to the next floor, you must collect all the energy balls and wipe out the enemies.

When you collect enough energy balls, a weapon will spawn and you can use this to fight back against the monsters. But you cannot just go straight for the monsters – littered around the mazes are plenty of mechanics and traps to make the dungeon unpredictable!

Dive into hell today – Dungeon of Weirdos is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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