Home News Defensive Shoot ’em Up ChocoHunters Now Available on iOS, Android

Defensive Shoot ’em Up ChocoHunters Now Available on iOS, Android

Defensive Shoot ’em Up ChocoHunters Now Available on iOS, Android
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This is the seven seas like you’ve never seen it before! In an age where chocolate is more valuable than gold, pirates sail the ocean in search of sweet delights and shiny treasure. Three heroes rose the occasion and became known as the ChocoHunters, legendary treasure hunters!

ChocoHunters is a swashbuckling defensive shoot ’em up from indie developer Orhan Keskin. Players choose from the three different heroes, each with their own stories and abilities, then sail through multiple levels of high seas action!

ChocoHunters plays like a typical top-down shoot ’em up but with one major difference – you have no active way of attacking your enemies! Instead, you’ll rely on deflecting attacks and sending them back at your enemies. Evasion and blocking are important for survival!

The ocean is full of traps and surprises, and many puzzle sections await you. You’ll need to time your boat movements carefully as you narrowly sail through perilous situations, all the while keeping you eye on any stray bullets.

At the end of each level lies a gigantic and fearsome boss! Each boss has their own unique weakness, and it’s up to you to find it. Will you pull through all of the struggles and find the sweetest treasure of them all?

ChocoHunters is available now on iOS (2.99 USD) and Android (3.99 USD).

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Defensive Shoot ’em Up ChocoHunters Now Available on iOS, Android


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