The ocean is a vast, untamed beast full of secrets still unknown to this day. But every perilous sea has to have a treasure trove of gold, right? Calamari Kid is an all-new arcade style runner where you play as a tentacled treasure hunter on the hunt!

Calamari Kid is a platformer, in the loosest sense of the word. Your little squid will automatically swim downward where all the treasure is, but as we know, squids are not the most typical swimmers! Calamari Kid will always rotate as he is swimming, and tapping and holding will make him rotate in the other direction.

It is a tricky control scheme, but once you master it you really feel like you are swimming effortlessly through the ocean depths. Calamari Kid features a bright and colorful pixel art style, further mimicking games of the past. The soundtrack is also reminiscent of classic tunes as well.

The main adventure is full of tons of levels for you to master your squid treasure hunting techniques, and once you nail it down try your hand at the speed running the game to become the fastest on the leaderboards! If that is not enough, there are new challenges every day that bring new levels into the mix.

Calamari Kid is available now on the App Store for free.

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