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Dead By Daylight: The Legion – Character Guide

Dead By Daylight: The Legion – Character Guide

The Legion in Dead By Daylight is one of the 30 available (as of November 2022) Killers in Dead By Daylight. They were introduced during Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us in 2018 along with Survivor Jeff Johansen, and the realm Mount Ormond Resort. Find out more about them below in Dead By Daylight: The Legion – Character Guide.

Legion Character Guide

The Legion are made up of four friends: Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey. These cold-blooded killers are linked by their desire to hurt and attack anyone they run into. They are a fast and merciless bunch who will stop at nothing to track down and maim as many survivors as possible.

Playing as The Legion means taking on one of the four characters. Each has their own outfit, in keeping with the style of the group: a mask, hoodies or jackets, and a knife! The default skins are the group ringleader Frank, or Julie, with DLC content available to transform into Joe or Susie. One of the favourite outfits available to purchase are the Bunny Suits- each member of Legion with their own bunny colour! You don’t know fear until you have a giant bunny with a blood-stained knife sprinting towards you.

legion bunny rabbits dead by daylight
Legion (via BHVR)

The Legion’s power is the Feral Frenzy. Using this power means Legion can run at full speed for a limited time, stabbing Survivors and inflicting Deep Wound status. This means the Survivor has to mend quickly or end up in Dying status.

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If Legion can chain attacks they can build their power and increase their speed. While in Feral Frenzy, Legion can use Feral Vault and smoothly vault pallets. Any Survivors within the Legion’s terror radius will also be revealed with Killer Instinct, a red pulse emanating from their location. Survivors can stun Legion out of the Feral Frenzy attack status, with a pallet or any other stun like Head On.

The Legion has 3 Unique Perks that can be unlocked in other Killer Bloodwebs eventually if required:

DiscordanceDiscordance dead by daylightGenerators within 64/96/128 meters being repaired by 2 or more Survivors will be highlighted and sound off a notification noise
Mad GritMadGrit dead by daylightWhile carrying a Survivor, the Killer has no cooldown on missed attacks. A successful hit pauses wiggle progress for a few seconds.
Iron MaidenIronMaiden dead by daylightOpen lockers 30/40/50% faster. Any Survivor exiting a locker screams and suffers as Exposed for 30 seconds.

That’s it for the character of The Legion in Dead By Daylight, and their power and perks! Next up, find out about the best controller to use to play Dead By Daylight? Good luck.

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Dead By Daylight: The Legion – Character Guide


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