Dead by Daylight Mobile will relaunch with a Sadako Rising crossover event on March 15th


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Dead by Daylight Mobile’s relaunch on March 15th will come with an extra terrifying treat for its fans, with NetEase announcing a collaborative event called Sadako Rising to mark the occasion.

Horror aficionados will probably know Sadako better as Sadako Yamamura – or even more simply, the “ghost girl” – inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation.

Joining the game as a new Killer, the iconic, dark haired evil Sadako will be a relentless pursuer of Survivors, with the ability to stealthily approach her victims and teleport to different locations through a series of televisions set up on the map. And, from March 15th until March 28th, players will be invited to partake in an exclusive Sadako in-game event where numerous rewards, such as [Portrait] The Onryō, Portrait Frame: The Onryō, Sadako Crossover Torso, and various in-game items will be available for those who manage to complete its tasks.

Alongside Sadako, another popular character from the Ringu series will be joining the game as a Survivor; Yoichi Asakawa. Possessing clairvoyant abilities, Yoichi will bring his knowledge and extra sensory skills to protect himself and others, with unique perks for supporting injured allies, stunning Killers, and increasing Survivors’ movement speed.

Besides lending their likeness and personalities to the asymmetrical horror game, Sadako and Yoichi Asakawa will also come with Exclusive Cosmetics: the Sleeping Blossom Outfit, and the Paranormal Investigator Outfit. Besides making Sadako appear even scarier, her platinum Sleeping Blossom Outfit will also allow players to enjoy a unique Memento Mori animation.

To learn more about the crossover event, and benefit from exclusive in-game and IRLrewards, fans are encouraged to join in the game’s pre-registration, which over 1 million fans across the globe have joined so far. Players can find out more and pre-register right now via the official website, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile will relaunch with a Sadako Rising crossover event on March 15th


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