If anybody told me that I would go on rage mode after playing a mobile darts game, I would’ve said that they are completely crazy. But now, after playing Darts of Fury and turning my couch into a punch bag, I know that’s possible. Strange, but possible.

So let’s check out some Darts of Fury cheats and tips to help you keep on winning and prevent similar rages of anger for happening. Because, yes, I almost threw my phone into a wall. (Pro tip: Don’t do that!)

With these in mind, after a huge breath of cold air, closing my eyes and counting to ten, I am ready to carry on with my life. And share with you some Darts of Fury tips and tricks below. Make sure to also read the comments, as there are even more tips there (and you can add your own!)

If you are having trouble even reaching the heights of the upper board and hitting that 20 seems like an impossible task, it’s better to go for some training sessions instead of getting frustrated when losing against opponent after opponent.

In my case, things started out nicely and I got out of the first league with consecutive wins. I said to myself that I don’t even need to hit the 20 as long as I can get the random 19×3 over and over again. I was wrong! Dead wrong!

You do need some skill in order to stand a chance in Darts of Fury and you can only acquire that (or at least do it safely) by considering your first several games or more training sessions. They don’t matter, what matters is you trying to find a way to actually shoot. Throwing darts at random can only take you that far.

Some upgrades are more important than others
Getting coins in the game is not extremely easy and you will need a ton of them in order to keep on getting those dart upgrades and stand a chance in the PvP duels. Therefore, it’s vital to spend them on what matters the most.

And what matters the most is the dart you’re using. In most cases, it’s the latest dart that you have unlocked that is the best one since it has the best speed, stability and slimness ratings.

If you are to choose, always go for those with the best speed and stability. Slimness only matters when piling up multiple darts in the same spot, which is something that will probable happen on too rare occasions to actually matter.

The Shapes also matter as they increase the speed even further, so make sure you get those when unlocked as well. Ignore the Flights though: even though fun to have, they have absolutely no influence over the game and cost a ton of money.

Always have a strategy
Unless you are really good at this and you can aim like a master, it’s best to try and hit the areas that are most likely to give you more points.

Even more, as you get closer to ZERO, it’s best to plan out your shots in such a way that your final one(s) are easy to make – usually in the bottom half of the board.

The easiest in my opinion is the 19 – you can get triples relatively easy and unless you shoot really poorly, you can constantly hit that. Going for the bullseye or the triple 20 requires some skill and is riskier.

These would be my tips and tricks for fellow Darts of Fury players. Do you have other strategies that work when you play the game? Let us all know by sharing your comment below.

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  1. My advise is simple. There is a trick that I have learned. Grab your dart and drag it up to the point where the tip of the needle is right in the middle of the bullseye. A soft flick from there gets you a lot of triple 20s, especially once you have figured out how hard to flick it.

    • Who wants to do that it’s almost like cheating. For me it take the fun out of the game and most importantly the skill to hit your target from the spot the game puts the dart. However in some cases it’s a good idea to pull your Darts up if your struggling hitting your target it can settle you down so you can relax and get back on track.

  2. Actually if you touch anywhere on the board and give it a soft flick from there you can usually hit that spot where you touch (e.g. the triple 20). K can hit the triple 20 all day long.

  3. Don’t ALWAYS listen to the shot bot, sometimes it’s better to ( counterintuitively) purposely bust than put yourself in a position to HAVE to hit the double one

  4. Know your numbers. Know what leaves what. Countless times I’m behind as we get closer to a double only to peg big and leave my opponent on 32 40 etc. Can’t wait for this game to evolve e.g. teams, doubles even alliances player V player is going to make this great game even better.

  5. I have won a ton of games checking out on 10. I realized that since the area is more vertical, I had a better chance of winning at the end. My odds of winning went up quite a bit when I realized that.

  6. Keep going for the triple 20’s
    Constantly, every time.
    Check out with the double 20
    If you miss….. Hit single 20
    Double 10
    Miss again and hit single 10
    Double 5
    Do a bunch of doubles practices.
    I fine let Tess you move the dart the better.
    At the very tip of your finger you will see the tip of the dart. Where you stop your finger is where the dart will land. Try it, it works.
    Lol, practice, practice, practice
    I am working on a 170 checkout. Been so close.
    Anyone do this yet?

  7. Can’t really recommend this game because of the following.. the token breaks (adverts) drive me nuts. When you get to levels 154 and above,take no notice of your opponents ranking, players rated some 50 or so levels under you hit 180s,140s and multiple 100s.W.T.F ? Have now deleted the bloody game, will continue to play Pro Darts,much more realistic.

    • Not hit 180 yet but I can hit 100-160 often on level 29. Nearly willingly throw a tee 20 and bullseye. I do t think I will need to upgrade my darts

  8. Go for soft throw on treble 20 and use slimmest dart you can with practise you’ll be hitting a lot of 180s I’m hitting 9 dart finishes regular also double 6 and 11 are very easy finishes

  9. I play so many people that play just the twenty, or the nineteen, anyone can hit the same number over and over it doesn’t show a lot of skill at darts. And yes the creators encourage it buy giving 5 whole gems for hitting the treble twenty 100 times and when I play them I end up having to do the same in most cases to keep up. But the fun players to play are the players that go for the bullseye at least it’s a smaller target than the triple numbers, some times I get a 17, a 19 or a 20 sometimes I get a 1, I’ve only been playing a few week so I’ve only got a top hat twice. It’s nice to win but better to enjoy the game and strategy, if I lose there another game waiting.

    • To excel at this game you must be able to hit what treble etc you need.
      Once you learn the aim process I went to being frustrated to hitting 9 darters for fun with my 3 dart average up from 80 to over 103.

  10. The game needs a big face lift if its going too be big.
    We need fun in the game.
    Be able to comment on a players skill
    Emojis (limited) per game.
    Tournaments where we can win prizes (darts flights passes gems & coins )
    Create leagues for the Rookies Pros & Master players.
    If the creators were able too create some of these ideas too the game then i would be more than happy to donate my money too the site.
    Until then it’s darts pro for me.
    Thanks for reading.
    Von Torion

  11. What’s the point in playing I’ve played the same people over and over again about 6 players 20 or 30 times each and every game they play exactly the same dart scores it’s getting boring now can’t seem to beat them rating 0

  12. I was having the same problem with higher ranking players kicking my a$$ all themtime. EXPLANATION == You are a good player…….. The computer that randomly picks the matches goes off your last couple games and how good you are by stats and chooses an opponent off that so if your opponent is way higher than you it means your kicking a$$ !

  13. Start of by pressing double 3 and hold for half a second then drag it up a small bit over the bull and let go and you get the hang of it and future into the game you get better darts and it becomes easier to get triple 20s I have the suss now an nearly get all triple 20s ya jus need to make sure its bang on double 3 at the start

  14. Use the apple pencil for precision on your ipad pro. Bring your dart tip at the edge of the 20 and throw gently your dart :) higher quality is your dart, closer to the edge it should be. Have fun and get ready to get millions of coins !!

  15. Just got this game a couple of days ago. can throw a perfect game regularly. 180 on the first three. 60 25 and 36 on the last Three. I found slimness extremely imperative. If you dont have slim darts you can never throw a perfect hand. My key to aiming is similar to others on here except I utilize muscle memory. I get the point of the dart to where I want to hit and without letting go take a few practice throws(without throwing). Once the tip of the Dart is consistantly in the spot I want it I then let go. I hit my target more often than I miss it. My two complaints with this game. Number 1 is every league up seems to encourage you to buy the new less slim dart. Number 2 is the limit of 3 plays in the league. While I utilize that time to build coins in battle I wish I could advance in the league faster.

  16. Use a stylist!! Focus..it’s better to play when no one around you is distracting.. im playing Elite 501. Double out ..my best advice is to hit 20×3 twice and 19×3 once on your first turn so it evens the numbers out for easy check out.. i end a 501 game in 9 darts. just keep hitting 20×3 and its okay if you miss it because you’ll end up hitting 20 and you’ll still end up with a number you can check out with easily

  17. Aim so your finger is just below and tip is in the center of Target over the last 3 years I played 2years and stopped for this past year and just mastered the art of throwing so when I play I’m in 501 elite double out I shoot in or of t.20,t.19,t.18,t.17,t.16,t.15,double bull,and then back to t.20,and t.19 is the best I have done in hitting them to complete circle so I miss very rarley but can hit each back to back with ease so that’s a fun different way to play instead of just 20,19 hopes this helps


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