A mighty hero that once defended the realm was corrupted by a dragon’s evil soul. He now reigns terror over the world as the Cursed Knight, and now it’s up to a new batch of heroes to take him down. Darkness Reborn is an action RPG that has you hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies in order to find the Cursed Knights. Create your own warrior and develop them to the fullest with the help of our Darkness Reborn cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Know your skills!

Your skills may seem to all just do damage, but depending on what slot they’re in, they have other uses too! Starting from the bottom, they’re referred to as Slot 1, 2, 3, then 4.

  • Slot 1 skills are usually some type of evasive attack. They don’t do much damage, but their main use is to get you out of harms way relatively quickly. Don’t forget to use them!
  • Slot 2 skills are small area attacks that grant you super armor when you’re performing them. Super armor is a status that renders you immune to staggering when you’re being hit, which makes sure your skill goes all the way through.
  • Slot 3 skills are unique skills that are different for each character. Try them out and see what they do!
  • Slot 4 skills are ultimate skills that do massive damage, hit a wide area, and best of all, break super armor! When you see a boss charging a big attack, you can use your ultimate to interrupt them. As you can probably guess, ultimate skills have the biggest MP cost and the longest cooldown, so use them wisely!

2. Activate burst mode!

When you reach level 4, you’ll notice three orange bars below your regular health and mana bars. These fill up when you attack enemies, and when filled, a blue glowing button will appear in your skills list. Tap this to enter burst mode, which temporarily powers up your attacks! Use this whenever possible as it recharges very quickly.

3. Test your luck!

There’s a roulette in town that you can spin for free once every day. The game never tells you explicitly about this roulette, so we missed it on our first couple plays. It’s on the west side of the town, just look for the spinner with all the colorful icons on it. You can get some really nice stuff from the roulette, such as 5000 gold!

4. Enhance your equipment!

Feeling underpowered? Taking too much damage? Try enhancing your equipment! You can fuse old, weaker weapons and armor with your newest gear to make them even more powerful. Enhancing takes a bit of gold but is almost always worth it if you’ve got the gold to spare and some extra equipment lying around. Otherwise, you can just sell the old equipment for some gold.

5. Level up your skills!

Your active skills can be leveled up as your own character’s level increases. Be sure to keep the up-to-date so that they’re as powerful as they can be. Also, don’t ignore the passive skills! The passive skills give you permanent increases to damage, health, and more, they’re negligible at first but once you’ve invested enough points into them they beef up your character quite a bit. Don’t underestimate them!

And with that, you should be set to fulfilling your quest. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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