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Dank Tanks Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Dank Tanks Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Blast the competition away in tank PvP game Dank Tanks, a cartoony 3-on-3 all out tank war with people from around the world! Each game mode in Dank Tanks has you playing a certain objective, so you have to blow the other tanks up while making sure your objective is cleared! Our Dank Tanks cheats and tips will help you dominate online!

Dank Tanks is all about out maneuvering your opponents and playing to your tanks’ strengths, so let’s get started with our Dank Tanks cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use the tall grass to your advantage!

When you are in tall grass and not firing your weapon, you are completely invisible! Enemies will not be able to see you until they get very close, at which point you should be ambushing them anyways.

Utilizing tall grass is the best way to get the jump on your enemies, and a lot of battles in Dank Tanks can be easily won by simply getting the first hit on your opponent.

Keep exchanging T-coins for better chests!

You will earn a currency called T-coins whenever you finish a ranked battle. These coins can be spent on chests which contain blueprints for new tanks, tech for your existing tanks, and gems and coins. The first exchange costs 200 T-coins, then it goes up to 300. The price of chests increases every time you buy one.

While this sounds like a bad thing, it’s also a good thing – the more chests you buy in one day, the better chance you have of drawing a rare chest, which contains the better tank blueprints and tech. Just keep in mind that your accumulated exchanges reset at the end of every day, so make sure that you time your exchanges right!

Try out every tank!

As you start to exchange T-coins, you will earn blueprints for other tanks. Each tank has its own skill set and stats, so no one tank is the same! Be sure to try them all and see which one is your favorite.

Some tanks even fulfill special support roles, like The Warrior. Despite its name, it has healing skills that can help your team survive an intense firefight. Knowing what your tank excels at is key to winning the battle!

Collect your milestone rewards!

When your rank goes up, you will be able to claim specific milestone rewards. You can get specific tank blue prints from the milestones, so it’s important to rank up as much as you can before the season resets. You can earn some gems while you’re at it, so rack up those rank points!

It’s important to know that each tank has its own ranking, and your total rank is the total sum of all your tanks’ ranks. When a tank goes up in rank, you will earn some gems. You can do this with each of your tanks that haven’t gone up from Bronze I to earn a hefty sum of gems!

Play with friends!

At the end of a match, you can see what conditions you’ve fulfilled to earn extra T-coins. These conditions never change, and one of them is to play a match with a full team. This means that you will need to add some friends, and you can even add random people to your friends list! Try to invite them to play with you, because playing as a full team is an automatic increase in T-coins!

That’s all for Dank Tanks! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dank Tanks Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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