It’s raining bunnies! Battlesky TapTap is an all-new idle-clicker game where you will build your own floating kingdom, inhabited by funny little animals that are incredibly adorable. Your city in the sky is waiting for you!

Before you can launch into the sky, you will need to choose your race of animals. Will you go with the Smolians, the hyperactive funny bunnies? Or will you side with the Plempings, the grumpy penguins? There are also the Tecks, incredibly intelligence goldfish. The choice is yours!

Once you bring your furry little friends into the sky, the city is now yours. Tap to generate coins, and use those coins to develop your brigade! There are over 200 buildings and troops to build and collect, so get to work!

Just like other idle games, Battlesky TapTap is meant for stress-free relaxation. Your floating kingdom will develop right before your eyes, and the cute little creatures make it all the more enjoyable.

The skies await, my friends! Battlesky TapTap launches today for free on the App Store and Google Play Store!


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