It feels like it has been a while since we last Om Nom and his wacky adventures in Cut the Rope, but he is finally back! ZeptoLab is finally back with a new game, and this time they have decided to take on the merge/idle genre!

In Om Nom: Merge, players join Om Nom in his quest to restore balance to the magic forest. A spark of mysterious magic has caused an overflowing amount of fruit to spawn, and Om Nom cannot eat it all on his own!

So, he calls upon the help of Nommies – friends and creatures from the Cut the Rope games – to eat all of the fruit! The Nommies are very interesting creatures, but they have the special ability to merge with alike Nommies and create some never before seen Nommies!

The more advanced Nommies can munch through heaps of food, so Om Nom needs you help to run a farm of Nommies to get through as much of the food as possible in this idle merging experience.

There are plenty of Nommies to discover and collect, and Om Nom can even learn some magic spells to help progress on the farm speed up!

Om Nom: Merge is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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