When a mysterious meteorite plagues the Earth with a deadly virus, it is up to the Cure Hunters to find a cure and save the day! Cure Hunters is a run’n’gun action platformer that harkens back to the classic arcade experiences. Cure Hunters is a tough game, but our Cure Hunters cheats and tips is here to help you survive your surface trip long enough to find the cure!

Cure Hunters is without a doubt a true classic arcade experience, because it is rather tough and it will test your reflexes. We will help you hone your skills in our Cure Hunters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Save your ammo for bosses!

Most normal enemies can be taken out safely with your pistol, which has infinite ammo. If you can help it, try not to use too much of your ammo for your other guns on regular enemies – you will need all the ammo you can get for the bosses.

Ammo will drop sometimes when you take out enemies, and you can also find it in boxes. You can buy some from the merchant in the tunnel shop as well.

Use your dodge roll liberally!

Your double-tap dodge roll can be a real lifesaver, so do not hesitate to use it! It has no cooldown so you can use it as much as you like. You are completely invincible during the dodge roll animation, but be careful of your positioning – if you end up inside a monster or obstacle at the end of your roll, you will take damage!

Save up your gold coins!

You earn gold coins whenever your run comes to an end or when you open your free present on the main menu. Gold coins are used for continuing and unlocking new hunters to play as.

We do not recommend spending them on continuing, as you will need a LOT of coins in order to unlock new hunters. You can instead watch a short advertisement to revive yourself for free.

Try out new hunters!

Once you have a respectable stash of coins, you can start unlocking new hunters. You do not have to unlock them in order – simply save up for the one that interests you the most and pay the unlock fee.

Each hunter has their own stats, split into health, damage, rate of fire, and recoil. The hunters also have their own unique starting weapon which has unlimited ammo, which can really make or break some runs.

Spend all your blue coins!

When you get to a trader, it is wise to spend as many of your blue coins as possible, whether that means getting a new gun or topping off your health. Upon death, all of your blue coins are lost anyways so it does not make sense to hang onto them unless you want to rotate the current gun out.

You can destroy spikes!

You will not find many situations where this is useful, but you can destroy spikes if you shoot them enough. If an area seems a little perilous because there are spikes along the walls, it may be useful to destroy them. You cannot destroy other traps however, like the crushing traps and the laser traps.

That’s all for Cure Hunters! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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