CUE Cards is a Humorous Trivia-Based CCG with Crafting, Free Trades, and Sharknados


Trading card games can seem like a bit of a niche genre. A big niche, sure, with millions of players happily building decks and trading strategies in games like Hearthstone and Gwent. 

But for most casual players it’s a closed shop, full of arcane terms and unappealing fantasy tropes – which is a shame, because it’s a gripping genre once you get over the hump.

CUE Cards is clearly aiming to win the sceptics over with a theme that covers, well, all creation. CUE Cards stands for Cards, the Universe, and Everything, and UK-based developer Avid Games has crammed endless reams of engaging, illuminating trivia into CUE Cards’s finely balanced card-based gameplay.

The game sees you battling, collecting, stacking, and trading various cards belonging to a range of categories, including science, history, dinosaurs, space, and so on. 

The aim is to push your opponent back by playing more powerful cards and utilizing effects. Bonuses are awarded for making combos, using cards belonging to the theme of the stage, and so on. There’s a bit of luck involved, and a lot of skill. 

So far so normal. The twist is that these cards are packed with information and humor. You’ll learn all about wombats, Marie Curie, and string theory as you play – and you’ll learn what happens when a pug does battle with a shark. 

More importantly, you’ll be able to leverage improbable effects such as the sharknado, which allows you to combine various different species of sharks with tornados to inevitably devastating effect. 

There’s an absolutely massive array of cards available, with more being added every day. You’ll gain new cards for free all the time, too, through login bonuses, free trading, rewards, and so on. You can fuse duplicate cards to gain new abilities, too. 

Whether you’re playing a quick casual round or competing in the weekly leagues, CUE Cards looks like an absolute hoot, and a welcome alternative to wizards, dragons, soldiers, and necromancers that have characterized the CCG scene up to now.

You can download CUE Cards for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store – just click here

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CUE Cards is a Humorous Trivia-Based CCG with Crafting, Free Trades, and Sharknados


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