Cube Surfer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get Lots of Gems

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Time to surf some cubes in Voodoo’s latest arcade hit, Cube Surfer! In Cube Surfer, players will ride a tower of cubes all the way to the end of an obstacle course. Pick more cubes to build up your stack, and watch out for the obstacles that break your cubes! Grab diamonds along the way and unlock fun new customizations for your cubes.

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In our Cube Surfer tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of controlling the cube. We will show you how to get to the end of every track and collect a lots of diamonds along the way, so let’s get started with our Cube Surfer cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get lots of gems!

Cube Stack Basics

The goal of Cube Surfer is to get to the end of the level. Your cube stack will move forward on its own, and you are only in charge of moving it left and right, which can be done by simply dragging the screen.

There are dark colored cubes spaced out evenly around the track. When you run into the cubes, your own cube stack will take a hit, and you will lose cubes equal to how high the blocks are.

If your cube stack is so low that it is lesser than the cubes, then you will crash and your game will end! To prevent this from happening, you need to constantly be picking up new cubes, as the game will continue to chip away at your cube stack.

Cubes that are the same color as your stack will be added to your tower when you run them over. They are littered around the track, so make sure that you are picking up every single one you see – it is the key to survival!

Know all the Obstacles

There are plenty of obstacles for you to avoid in Cube Surfer, so you need to make sure not to run into too many of them.

The most basic obstacle is the dark red cube. Running into these will knock off a certain amount of cubes, depending on how high the stack was. These are usually built like a wall, so there is no avoiding them – instead, look for the shortest part of the wall to mitigate some of the damage.

Another obstacle is lava. Lava will rapidly eat away at your cubes so as long as you are in it, so make sure to get out as fast as you can. There are also levels where the ground gives out entirely, so make sure you avoid that too because it acts just like lava.

There is a good obstacle! Sometimes you will see green boost pads on the ground. Running over them will temporarily increase your speed. These are often put right before a lava segment, so run over them to get out of it as fast as possible.

Getting Gems

Every now and then you will see rotating purple diamonds. These are gems, and they are the main currency of the game. Be sure to pick up as many as you can, as you will need them to upgrade and unlock new customization options.

You may have noticed the high amounts of gems you need to upgrade and unlock new skins. This is because you need to take advantage of the end goal game!

When you finish a level and get to the end of the track, you will see a bunch of multicolored cubes that have various multipliers on them. Whichever one that ends your run will multiply your collected gems from the level.

Getting the Most out of the End Game Goal

It is important to keep in mind that the multiplier cubes need to END your run in order for it to count. For example, the multiplier cubes are two cubes up – if you have more than this, your stack will break down and you will keep going.

The multiplier cubes range from x2, x3, x4, and finally x5. Ideally you want to aim for the x5, so try to lower your cube stack until you have two cubes, then run into a x5 multiplier wall.

However, make sure you do not wait too long though. After a while, the multiplier walls will stop appearing and only the x1 multiplier will appear near the end.

But, if you have at least nine cubes in your stack, you can break through the four x1 multiplier walls. If you manage to do this, a massive x10 multiplier wall will be waiting for you at the end.

But wait! There is more! If you somehow end up past all of the x1 multiplier walls with five or more cubes in your stack, you can get over the x10 wall and a TON of gems are waiting for you to collect. To get the most gems during this part, move your thumb back and forth horizontally as fast as you can!

You still get the x10 multiplier from doing this, so this is the absolute best result for the end of the level. You probably will not be able to do this unless you have a couple of upgrades under your belt, so read on.

Upgrading your Cubes

On the main menu, you can spend your gems on upgrading various things. The first upgrade – the one with the smiley face on the cube – increases the amount of cubes your stack starts out with.

This upgrade is the most expensive but for good reason. Having multiple cubes at the beginning of a run is very big, and it may be the thing that helps you reach over the x10 wall at the end.

You can also upgrade your offline generate. When you are away from the game, it will automatically generate gems for you overtime. The amount generated starts at a pretty low rate, but some upgrades will make it worthwhile.

Unlocking New Skins

From the main menu, tapping on the button with the different cubes brings you to the customization menu. You can apply different skins for your cubes, but it costs 5,000 gems to unlock a skin.

There are a total of nine different skins to unlock and collect! You can also get them from simply clearing levels as well. There are certain levels that are marked by a present icon – if you beat these levels, the game will present you with a random skin. To get it, you simply have to watch an advertisement.

Bear in mind, the skins are for fun and do not change any property of your cube stack. Pick your favorite and ride it out to the end!

That’s all for Cube Surfer! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Cube Surfer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get Lots of Gems

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