This city is too crowded for the both of us! Crowd City is a multiplayer PvP game based on the popular .io games. You start off as a lonely fellow, but running into a person will make them follow you. Gather a bunch of people to start a big crowd, then start stealing other player’s followers! Our Crowd City cheats and tips will show you how to become the biggest crowd!

Like many other .io games, Crowd City is all about getting the upper hand as early as possible and just snowballing from there. We will cover everything in our Crowd City cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Go to the popular areas!

If you are having trouble finding people to pick up into your crowd, try checking out the popular buildings and areas. What we mean by this is that where would you expect a lot of people to be at? There are stadiums littered around the city, and you can usually find people pouring out of the entrances. If you hang out around the entrances, you can easily rack up a bunch of people!

Another good place to look is simply any street. You should find lots of people just strolling down the streets, not even on the sidewalks! Just go ahead and zoom up and down a street, and you should grab lots of people.

Capture other players!

Your main objective is to swallow up the other players as fast as you can. If you have just a single more follower than they do, then any contact with other players will slowly convert their followers to yours. If you can manage to take all of a players followers, including themselves, they will be considered eliminated and you earn bonus followers.

This is the key to pulling ahead of the group! Those bonus followers is what’s going to put you ahead of the other players that are around your follower count.

Corner other players!

When you see another player with a lower follower count than you, they will try to make escape you by running around. Since all players move at the same speed, you will need to take sharp turns to slowly catch up to them. What is even better is cornering them! Try to force your opponent to take a turn into a building or dead end to trap them.

Go for the core!

When you get to the point where you are dealing with 100+ sized crowds, it is time to go for the core! Always look for the person that has the name above their head – that is your main target, and the opponent’s main character. If you miss parts of the crowd, do not worry! Simply go for the main character. If you can manage to capture him, the rest of the crowd will automatically be given to you.

Rank up!

Every match you finish will reward you with rank points. Depending on how well you did before you got converted into someone else’s crowd, you will be rewarded with an equal amount of rank points. If you finish a match and come in first place, 20 rank points are yours!

When you have collected enough rank points, you will rank up. Every time you rank up you gain one more starting follower. This means that at rank 2, you will start the game with two followers, and so forth. While this does not seem like much, it can give you the edge at the beginning of a match to really turn the tables!

That’s all for Crowd City! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve noticed that when I am rapidly taking other group’s people and I’m racking up a high score, sometimes my head count drops a couple hundred or so. What’s up with that?

  2. Fun concept, but dumb money grab by game dev. You blatantly only play against bots, there’s only one map and some skins to collect, can’t play with friends, and a video advertisement for every 1-2 minutes of gameplay. You’re giving them easy ad revenue for something that took couple of days to “develop” and doesn’t need servers, etc, because it’s a single player game.

  3. Why do you think is is a real multiplayer and i don’t see it requires wi-fi and it is offline because VOODOO makes bot multiplayer instead and keeps begging for people to get it’s game and VOODOO makes every multiplayers fake by scamming other players with bots instead and why they use bots instead of real multiplayers that you play with other humans

  4. This game is sucks! I got a 900+ scores but when i get another crowd the head count got less instead of increasing the scores! What kind of games is this?


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