Home Game Guides Crossy Road Castle Guide: Where to Find All Bonus Rooms

Crossy Road Castle Guide: Where to Find All Bonus Rooms

Crossy Road Castle Guide: Where to Find All Bonus Rooms

Welcome back Crossy Road Castle fans! Today we are revisiting the castle, and this time we are going to show you all of the different bonus room entrances. In each bonus room lies a green gem, and collecting all five of them will unlock the secret bonus character.

Do keep in mind that you will encounter multiple entrances to the same room, and to get the final gem you must progress far in the castle. Here is our guide on Crossy Road Castle and where to find all of the bonus rooms!

Bonus Entrance #1

When you get to a room where you see this, STOP! As soon as you are launched out of the cannon, immediately hold left. The bonus room entrance is on a tiny little ledge on the left side of the screen, and if you are not already moving to the left as soon as you start moving down, you will miss it!

Bonus Entrance #2

This is a small vertical room where you need to blast up to the top half using cannons. When you get up here, you will need to press a timed red switch to pass through to the next cannon. When get inside the second cannon, wait for it to point up, then fire away and the bonus room entrance is to your left. If you wait too long, the red blocks will reappear blocking your path to the bonus room!

Bonus Entrance #3

One room will have you venture outside of the castle where you must quickly ascend the tower as it falls from the sky. At the beginning of the level, stepping on the yellow spring will boost you onto the tower. However, instead of going the normal route, drop off to the left. It may look like a blind jump, but just hug the left wall and you will land on a small ledge that leads up to the bonus room entrance.

Bonus Entrance #4

You will come across a room where you need to jump across red platforms that are slowly descending into spikes. The normal exit is easy to get to, but if you keep climbing the platforms past the spikes, you will find the bonus room entrance. Just make sure not to scrape the spikes!

Bonus Entrance #5

(Our screenshot got corrupted so this is a screencap from Jake Miller’s green gem guide on YouTube)

The final bonus room entrance is a bit tricky. This entrance will not start showing up until you have passed room 100. Once you get that far, one of the rooms you will encounter is a horizontal room with a long rainbow section where you can float across the traps and hazards.

At the end of the room, the bonus room entrance is right below the normal exit, so jump onto the rainbow part so that you have enough momentum to sink down, then move to right as quickly as possible. Do it right and you will fall out of the rainbow part, dropping down to the bonus room below.

The final bonus room is a little different from the other ones. You will ride a rainbow road going up chasing the final gem. Make it all the way to the end and the final gem is yours, unlocking the secret Prince character in the process!

And that is our guide on finding all of the secret bonus rooms in Crossy Road Castle!

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Crossy Road Castle Guide: Where to Find All Bonus Rooms


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