CrossFire: Warzone Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Great Base

A vicious terrorist group has stormed the land and taken over cities across the world! It is up to you and your army to liberate the new frontier and take back the world in CrossFire: Warzone, a new base building strategy RPG. Build your headquarters, raise an army, and fight against the terrorist in exciting tactical battles.

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In Touch Tap Play’s CrossFire: Warzone tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of base building and how to keep all of your buildings up to date. We will show how to fight efficiently and gather a lot of resources for your base, so let’s get started with our CrossFire: Warzone cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build a great base!

Complete the Main Chapter Missions

CrossFire: Warzone is structured like your typical base building/management game, so that means a long-line of main story missions that are designed to lead you down the general progression route.

The game is structured into chapters, and each chapter has four missions for you to complete plus one final mission to end it. These missions are relatively easy to complete – you just need to upgrade your buildings to a certain level or clear targets out in the world.

The most important thing is that follow these missions rewards you with a lot of helpful goodies, including speed ups, resources, and more. You should always be working on these missions.

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Complete Side Missions

Around chapter 5 is when you will start encountering build times that can take up to several hours to complete. If you do not want to spend your speed ups, you can use the time to complete side missions.

You probably have noticed the new mission banner that has popped up underneath your chapter banner. This banner shows your optional side missions that are split into three different categories.

Daily missions are a fixed set of missions you get every day. You can get lots of resources and commander experience for completing these, and if you manage to complete them all you will earn a Basic Officer Token Box, which will net you 10 officer tokens from a random normal to rare officer.

Main Missions are another fixed set of missions. These missions are pretty much just like the chapter missions, except you can do them whenever you want. These missions will also help lead you down the general progression route.

Achievements are special missions that reward you for hitting certain milestones, like reaching a certain commander level. Do not worry about these too much, as you will complete them naturally as you progress through the game.

Complete all these missions of lots of rewards, including helpful speed ups.

Collect Cargo Plane Drop-Offs

Near the southern end of your base is the plane runway. Here, a cargo plane will come periodically to drop off some supplies for your base.

The supplies you get are random, but they are always helpful. You might get research boosters, resources, and other goodies.

Be sure to check in every now and then to see if the cargo plane has landed. The more you collect from the cargo plane in a single day, the longer it will take to bring you your next shipment, but the timer resets when upon a new day.

Commander Stats and Gear

As you gain commander experience from completing missions, you will eventually level up. Leveling up will increase your development points and overall power, but most importantly you will earn trait points from it.

Traits are passive buffs that provide your base with some kind of bonus. There are three trees that focus on different aspects: battle, economy, and management. Every time you level up, you gain points to use in each tree. The points are separate from each other, so you do not have to worry about focusing on one tree.

Battle traits will boost your troops’ combat performance, allowing them to dish out more damage and receive more before going down.

Economy traits deal with your base logistics. These traits will improve training and building times, increase the amount of resources you get from your buildings, and make it easier to craft commander gear.

Management traits are auxiliary traits and improve miscellaneous things, like troop marching speed, experience gain, maximum stamina, and more.

Be sure to spend your points every time you level up, and these bonuses can really add up and help you out a lot.

In addition to the traits, you can also outfit your commander with special kinds of gear. Gear comes in sets, and if you get all pieces of the set you can activate a powerful set bonus. For example, the Tracker set increases your troops’ attack power against terrorists.

Be sure to check out and craft the different sets of equipment. They offer all sorts of bonuses that might be helpful for whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Keep the Research Lab Busy

The Research Lab is where you will perform, well, research! There are all sorts of different research categories for you to look into, with each having its own list of projects. Finishing research projects takes some time, so it is best to always keep your lab busy.

The are two categories of research for you at the start of the game: Arms Type and Ruling. Arms Type deals with battle capabilities and marching speed, while Ruling deals with base production cost and time efficiency.

Research projects function similar to the commander traits – they are structured in a tree, and you must research the prerequisite project before you can advance further down the tree.

It will take a while for a project to finish, and the more advanced research projects can take up to several hours to finish, so make sure you always have one queued up.

A quick tip: you can quick access your research list by tapping on the potion on the left side of the screen. If you see Zzz marks coming from it, that means you have nothing queued up, so get to it!

Keep Training Troops and Building Vehicles

Your facilities that deal with building your army, whether that is building new vehicles or training new troops, run off different timers from your building timers.

What that means is that you can have all of your training facilities actively training new recruits all the time and not have to worry about slowing down your base building progress.

Because of this, you should always be training new troops. You will learn early on in the game that certain troops or vehicles have a type advantage over other kinds of units, so to cover all of your bases you need to have every single type of troop available to you.

When you actually head into battle, you do not have to worry about manually setting up your squadron yourself, as the auto-assign feature is smart enough to use troops that will best fit the situation.

Hunt Down Big Enemies

On the world map, you can send your squads around to take out terrorists and other threats. There are all sorts of mutated creatures out there, and they put up quite the fight – make sure your troops are prepared.

But with big risk comes big rewards. More often than not these big creatures drop materials that you need to craft the various pieces of gear for your commander.

Make sure to upgrade your base’s Radar Station, as it will allow you to find monsters around your base. The higher level the Radar Station, the more ground it can cover.

That’s all for CrossFire: Warzone. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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CrossFire: Warzone Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Great Base

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