Lily Parker had a rough childhood, to say the least. The murders that happened when she was still young gave her the drive to become a crime solving detective, but when the killer who mysteriously vanished ages ago suddenly reappears, will Detective Parker be ready to solve the case?

Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds is the latest entry in GameHouse’s detective mystery series. Ace detective Lily Parker and her trusty assistant Victor Lane are back once again, and this time they have a dastardly killer on the loose.

One unassuming night, a restaurant owner is found with a dead body right next to them. There is a bloody knife in the owner’s hand. While it may seem like an obvious case, Parker knows there is something fishy going on, and it is up to you to help her solve the case!

Players will need to visit crime scenes and gather clues in mystifying mini games where you try to find hidden objects. You will also need to process the clues and perform CSI tasks, including using forensic tools. You will become the ultimate detective!

Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. The first chapter is free to play, and the later chapters must be purchased.


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