Creature Quest really knows how to party, so it’s only natural that they’re going all out once again, this time in celebration of Mother’s Day. The collectible card game will be hosting another series of events throughout the month in honour of the mommies.

Hop onto Creature Quest between now and May 20, and you’ll notice that the game is bedecked in flowers, with surprise areas also decorated with a Mother’s Day theme. And while you’re at it, keep logging in. The Mother Knows Best check-in event, from May 11 to 18, will reward you handsomely with exclusive daily log-in bonuses. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on Battle Coins, Tickets, and more.


Of course, it’s not a Creature Quest celebration without some new adventures, and the game delivers with it’s latest holiday quest, Mommy Meowgic. From now until May 20, players can go face to face with the brand new legendary Sphinx for the chance to unlock a Griffin, a Lizard Man Archer, or a Mummy.

Starting this weekend, you can expand your creature collection with some especially elusive beasties in the Mother Lovin’ summon event, running from May 12 – 14. Each diamond summon runs the chance of yielding a Sealed With a Kiss box, which can contain a Sphinx (which you can only obtain during this event), Medusa, Shadow Temptress, Sorceress, Griffin, Dark Elf, Siren, or Harpy.

There’s never been a better time to dive into Creature Quest. You can grab it right now on iOS and Android.



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