Creative Destruction is the latest attempt to put a unique twist on the ever-popular Battle Royale concept, and it’s just entered open beta on iOS and Android.

Titan Studio’s upcoming release thrusts players into a vast battlefield were a 100-strong deathmatch is raging, and tasks them with outlasting their rivals. Doing this is more than just a matter of killing everyone else off as the game also emphasises survival elements.

Creative Destruction takes place against a backdrop where virtually everything can be blown to smithereens, and players can build customisable bases with the wreckage they create using their standard issue Destructor weapon.

This is your tool of the trade for harvesting raw materials to construct your stronghold, but players will also find themselves welding flame throwers, rocket launchers, bowling bombs and other weapons in the heat of battle.

Designed from the ground up for mobile with accessibility in mind, Creative Destruction features bright cartoony graphics and lets players decide how they play. There’s a choice between the first and third-person perspective, and combatants can either team up with others or go it alone.

iPhone and iPad owners on iOS 9 or above can access the open beta via the App Store and Android users can jump into it through Google Play right now.


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