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Creative Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Creative Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Creative Destruction is a new Battle Royale game for the mobile platform that takes heavy inspirations from the ever popular Fortnite. Players will drop into an island with 100 others, and you have to fight to be the last one standing! Build structures, think creativity, and outlive your opponents with the help of our Creative Destruction cheats and tips!

Creative Destruction, while pretty much a clone of Fortnite, is still pretty fun and well designed on its own. Let’s get started with our Creative Destruction cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Daily Missions!

Daily Missions can be found on the main menu and they will ask you to do things like deal a certain amount of damage using a specific weapon, construct a number of buildings, and so forth. Completing a Daily Mission will net you experience and gold. Good deal!

Most importantly, you also earn Exchange Medals. You can exchange medals for special chests that contain lots of gold, star coins (the premium currency of the game), and even special weapon skins and cosmetic options for your character! This is the best way to earn skins without spending your hard-earned gold and star coins.

Keep an eye on your compass!

If you are a Battle Royale enthusiast, you probably know that sound is a very important aspect of the game, as it will help you listen in on nearby players. If you are not playing with sound on or if you just need a little more direction, keep an eye on the compass at the top. Not only is it good for path finding, but it will also alert you to nearby sounds from other players.

If you see an icon with yellow shoes on it, that means there is player walking around you. Turn your view so that your compass lines up with the icon, and you can see exactly where the sound is coming from. If you see a gun icon, that means that player is firing – probably at you! Spin your view around as quickly as possible to get a read on their location.

Use your Quick Build Energy wisely!

The Quick Build option will immediately drop an upward ramp and four walls around you. This can be helpful if you get ambushed in bad spot! Just keep in mind that it is still considered normal building, so the walls will not be at full strength, and they will go down easily to sustained gunfire. You do not have a lot of time, so make your next move quickly.

You can peek above your ramp to see where the enemy is going, and you might be able to ambush them by jumping down. Or you can simply stay up there and snipe them, but you have to be very fast before they destroy your bastion.

Use buildings to attract players!

Just like in Fortnite, buildings have lots of uses. They can provide quick cover for you, grant you access to hard to reach areas, but the best part is just attracting players. Depending on your current situation, this can be both a pro and con, but no matter the case buildings will almost ALWAYS attract other players to them.

Players will instinctively shoot at buildings because they think someone might be hiding inside, and you can use this opportunity to ambush them.

However, just keep in mind that some players will simply think it’s an abandoned structure and run right past it. You can still use this as a chance to get the drop of them, especially if your building has a sniper’s perch.

Remember that structures obey the laws of gravity, so if your foundation falls apart the rest of your building will too!

Gear up for battle!

As always, you will want to find the highest rarity gear before tackling other players. Keep an eye on your compass for a shiny icon – that means there is a chest nearby, and they often contain high rarity weapons inside. Sometimes as bonus you will also get shield power ups, giving you an edge in a firefight.

Periodically an air drop will land somewhere on the map. If you can get there before anyone else can, super rare weapons are yours for the taking. Just be prepared for a fight, because you definitely will not be alone.

That’s all for Creative Destruction! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Creative Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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