Ever wanted to become an air traffic controller? Now’s your chance in OptiFlight, a minimalistic air planning game for iOS. It is your first day on the job and you got to plan out the routes for flights going across the United States.

A typical day in OptiFlight looks like this: a bunch of colored lines going across the continental US, and Europe later! Your job is to schedule the flights and make sure that no two flights intersect, because we all know how that ends.

Though, it is not at easy as it looks. You cannot simply drag lines to destinations and expect to be done, oh no. You have to take into account weather conditions and make sure that the skies are safe for flying.

For some extra challenge, you can play the special challenge levels that take place during real-life history. As a fun example, you can play out the time of the 2012 London Olympic Games, which means a lot of flights to London.

There are over 80 levels where you need to plan across the US and Europe, with more to come. OptiFlight is planned for a March 18, 2020 release for iOS.


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