Welcome to Poly Island, where relaxation is the name of the game and low poly is the heart of the world. Step into your own personal floating island where creations exist as you see fit! Tap into your creativity and create the ultimate low poly art.

Poly Island is all about peace and stress-free fun. To ease you into the experience, you can play the set levels where you are given a diagram of the animal you need to make. Low poly pieces of the animal are given to you, and it is up to you to put them in the right place.

There are no time limits or move limits to challenge you here, so go ahead and take your time and make sure every little piece fits. No matter what you do, everything will come to life so have fun with the process.

Once you are done with the levels, you can even create your own artwork by putting down poly pieces by scratch. The only limit is your imagination, so feel free to work at your own pace.

More puzzles are constantly being added to the game, so there is always something to do in Poly Island. You can download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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