Crazy, difficult challenges await in Crazy Tricks for mobile, a game where thinking outside the box is a must if you want to complete all stages. And if you get stuck, we’re here to help with a complete Crazy Tricks walkthrough for all stages and step by step instructions to beat the game.

We’re going to start with the Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss stage walkthrough today, the first set of challenges that the game throws at you. And even though the first, they’re still tough as nails and you’ll probably get stuck quite often.

Remember that you have the tips option to use in-game as well in case you don’t want the full solution to each level… but if you do, that is exactly what we have for you today, so let’s get started with the Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss stage walkthrough.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 1 Walkthrough

This is the tutorial. Just do as instructed: tap the lower left shelf to get the air drier, then drag it over the boss.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 2 Walkthrough

1. Get the cup of coffee to the left, then the remote control to the right.

2. Tap the paper near the AC unit until it falls off.

3. Drag and drop the coffee over the plug.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 3 Walkthrough

1. Collect the four white squares scattered around the level (as marked in the image above, the fourth being in the coffee cup).

2. Drag the set of squares over the boss’ shirt and you’re set.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 4 Walkthrough

1. Get the bubble gum in the flower pot to the upper right side of the screen. Drag it over your character.

2. When the bubble is the largest, tap it then drag it over the boss’ head.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 5 Walkthrough

This is simply a review question. Tap the number of stars you’d like to award the game. You don’t really have to write a review in the App Store if you don’t want to.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 6 Walkthrough

1. You have to act fast here, before the lady arrives.

2. Get the lipstick from the drawer to the left, then drag it over the boss’ face.

3. When he pulls out the mirror, tap to take it and you’re all set!

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 7 Walkthrough

1. Tap the glass of water and drag it on the floor.

2. Tap the calendar to the top right until the month switches to November. That’s all!

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 8 Walkthrough

1. Open the drawers and get all the items inside (mouse, banana and hammer).

2. Drag the hammer over the mirror and take the broken pieces.

3. Place the broken pieces on the ground behind the chair of the worker and wait.

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 9 Walkthrough

1. Open the middle drawer and get the razor, then use it on the poster on the wall to cut off the “Zhang” name.

2. Drag the name on the report the boss is reading. That’s it!

Crazy Tricks – Annoyed Boss Level 10 Walkthrough

1. Tap the head of the boss in the speech bubble to get the wig.

2. Place the wig over the boss’ head and get rid of him forever.

This would be the complete solution for the Annoyed Boss stage in Crazy Tricks. As you probably know already, there’s much more left to complete and we’ll be back soon with the other stages, solved for you. Stay tuned!

Update: As promised, the next stage, Couple Breaker, has been published on our website. Make sure to check out the article if you need help completing that as well.

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