Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate goal kicker? Find out for yourself in Crazy Kick!, an all new authentic football experience. Kick, swerve, and overtake in this fast-paced football game.

Not only will you have to deal with goalies and intercepting players, but you will have to work your way around trees, shrubbery, holes, and even pitfalls! This is not your normal football, so get ready for anything with the help of our Crazy Kick! tips and tricks guide!

Crazy Kick! requires equal parts dexterity, planning, and reaction. We will help you master all of those in our Crazy Kick! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Master the art of kicking the ball!

To play Crazy Kick, you need to kick the ball successfully into the goal. You can “kick” the ball by swiping around on the screen – the ball will begin to roll in the direction of your swipe.

The faster you swipe, the harder you will kick the ball. Fast, long swipes will result in a hard kick sending your ball into the air, while slow small swipes will gently roll the ball. Knowing when to use both of these techniques is the key to mastering the ball.

When you want to weave carefully between goalies or gaps in the field, you want to use small, gentle movements. But when you want to go for a long goal, make a big swipe!

Dodge blockers for extra points!

You get 25 points for simply making it into the goal, but did you know that you can get extra points if you be a little cheeky with the blockers? If you roll your ball near a blocker and get them to dive for it, you will get 10 bonus points. On some levels there are tons of blockers so you can get lots of points if you are daring!

A good strategy to do is to simply roll up to the blocker to get their attention. This will cause them to start running towards you. Wait until they get close and they should try to slide towards you, then all you need to do is roll a little bit out of the way. Easy 10 points!

Note: although you can get different amounts of score for each level, there does not seem to be a tally or anything. There is not even a shop where you can spend points, so we do not know if there is even a point to the scoring system.

Study the layout of the level before you kick!

Before you kick off, be sure to stop and examine the level. That one route that was littered with holes and is a pain to navigate? Maybe you do not even need to go through there! Maybe you can just kick hard enough to fly over one of the barriers to skip the entire section completely.

Remember that if you kick with enough strength, your ball will take off into the air. You can use this technique to skip over some sections of the level if you are careful enough. Just make sure not to kick your ball out of bounds!

You can spin in midair to recover!

If you a blocker does successfully slide into your ball, it will go flying depending on how much momentum you had. Do not give up even if you get launched – you might still be able to recover!

You can swipe to put a spin on your ball if you midair, and if you swipe enough you might be able to recover back onto the level.

Fake out the goalies!

If you are having trouble making the final shot and getting the ball into the goal, it helps to try to fake out the goalies.

Slow down when you approach the goal, and then when you get close, move to either side, then quickly swipe back in the opposite direction. You want to bait out the goalie to slide, then take advantage of the opening.

And with that, you should be able to kick the football like a pro! If there is anything we missed, let us know in the comments below!


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