Crashing Season Run Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Extend Your Runs

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Crashing season is finally open in Crashing Season Run, an off-the-rails endless runner where you play as animals who have constructed their own vehicles! There are dozen of awesome vehicles to ride in, so hop in, grab some enemies, and pave the way to victory!

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Our Crashing Season Run tips and tricks will focus on the different ways to go further in your runs and how to build up your vehicles so they can last for a long time. Let’s get started with our Crashing Season Run cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to extend your runs!

Welcome to Crashing Season Run!

Crashing Season Run is a wacky endless runner in which you take control of various woodland animals for have a knack for making some crazy crashes. Your main goal is to go as far as you can and collect a bunch of koins along the way.

You will need to swipe left, right, down, and up to dodge oncoming vehicles and obstacles. You can jump over low obstacles, and duck under high obstacles. Always be watching the road so you know what you need to react to.

The farther you get, the more points you will earn, so if you are going for a new high score, it is important to stay vigilant.

Grab the power up crates!

Along your run, you may come across glowing boxes with icons on them: these are power up boxes. Grabbing one will grant you a temporary power up that will surely make your life easier in some fashion.

  • The Magnet will pull all koins to you, even if you are not currently in the same lane as them. You can get lots of koins easily with the help of the magnet!
  • The Koin Multiplier will grant you a magic gold gun, which turns all koins into two koins! This doubles your koin pick ups!
  • The Boxing Glove equips your vehicle with two Boxing Gloves that will automatically destroy any obstacle in front of you. The only thing it will not destroy are ramps. This power up essentially makes you invincible!
  • The Rocket power up shoots you up into the sky on the back of a wild rocket. While in the skies, you can pop score balloons to get the points indicated on the balloon. Just watch out for the mines!
  • The Health power up gives your vehicle another hit before it goes down. Something to keep in mind is that your vehicle can get more health than its maximum cap, so don’t hesitate to grab these even if you are at full health!

If you see a glowing crate, be sure to grab it! Power ups are a great way to augment your run in positive ways.

Upgrade your vehicles for permanent boosts!

Your vehicles are all listed under the Vehicles tab at the bottom right. Each vehicle has two main stats: health and speed, which are both self-explanatory. You can upgrade vehicles by getting duplicate parts in the prize boxes, or you can upgrade it immediately by paying the koin fee.

When a vehicle is upgraded, it will gain an additional booster slot. Boosters are semi-permanent upgrades, and they all do very helpful things. Here is a complete list of them!

  • Spring Heel: Automatically spring jump over most obstacles.
  • Powerup Booster: Power ups last 25% longer.
  • Koin Booster: Doubles your collected koins. Stacks with the Koin Multiplier power up for massive amounts of koin!
  • Nitro Launch: Get a 1,000 meter jump start.
  • Score Booster: Increases score gain by 10%.
  • Super Nitro Launch: Get a 2,000 meter jump start.
  • Bumper Shield: Gain an extra health point.
  • Repair!: Regenerate health over time.
  • The Inflator: Inflate enemies you grab and cause them to do more damage!

You can earn boosters by passing challenges and finding them randomly in prize crates. When you bolt a booster onto a vehicle, its effects are active as long as it stays bolted on. They don’t expire after a run!

But of course, most vehicles only have a few booster slots, so you will need to choose your boosters wisely. You can remove boosters if you want to swap one out for another, but this consumes the booster in the process, so be careful!

Log in for all five days for new vehicles!

The daily login bonus will award you with a free prize box, and this is in addition to the free prize boxes you get once a day! Try to make it a habit of logging on at least once every day, because if you log in five days in a row, you will earn a vehicle box. As the name suggests, it has a guaranteed chance of grant you a new vehicle!

Throw enemies to clear the way!

Enemies that just hanging around and walking on the street can be grabbed! Your rider will automatically toss them forward, and if the enemy crashes into anything it be will destroyed. You can do this to clear the path forward if there are too many obstacles around.

When you grab an enemy, you have about a split second before your rider tosses them. In this time, you can switch lanes if you want to hit something else. You need to be quick about it though!

Collect the Crash Totems for permanent boosts!

Crash Totems are rare items that can be found in prize boxes and by sometimes completing challenges. Crash Totems are comprised of multiple pieces, and you need all of them to complete the Crash Totem. There is one for each level.

When a Crash Totem is completed, you will earn a permanent boost – and these boosts are very strong! Here is a complete list.

  • The Woods Crash Totem gives you 4,000 koins for free once every week.
  • The City Crash Totem gives you a permanent 5% score boost for every run.
  • The Filmset Crash Totem gives you a permanent weekly challenge to take 10 crash pictures for 500 koins.
  • The Park Crash Totem gives you an upgrade part for all of your unlocked vehicles every week.
  • The Wasteland Crash Totem grants you an additional upgrade part whenever you find a duplicate part in prize boxes.

As you can see, some of these Crash Totem boosts are very powerful, the Park and Wasteland ones in particular. Try to get the Crash Totems as fast as you can!

Complete the Daily Challenges and Weekly Hunts!

Every day, you will be assigned 3 Daily Challenges to complete. Two of these challenges will reward you with prize boxes and koins, while the last challenge will reward you with an upgrade part. Try to do all three every day to keep your vehicles upgraded at a nice pace.

Most of the challenges are pretty straightforward, but some of them are extra easy to do. One example is the photo challenge, which requires you to take a certain number of crash photos in a specific level. You can simply go into a level, crash on purpose, and repeat until the challenge is complete.

In addition to the Daily Challenges, there are also Weekly Hunts! As the name suggests, these missions are assigned every week. Don’t worry about missing them, as they don’t cycle out like the Daily Challenges do.

Instead, they stay around until they are completed. When a Weekly Hunt is completed, you will go on a run inside the special mines. In the mines, you have the chance to get a bunch of koins and some really good stuff!

Head into the secret portal!

If you have been in one run for a long time, you may see an orange glowing portal. If you enter it, you will enter a special mine that has a bunch of miners running around. Some of them will be in carts, and they will try to ride in front of you.

If you throw a regular miner at the ones in the carts, they will explode into a shower of koins – 50 to be exact. You will see around five or so of the cart miners, so you can get an easy 250 koins in these portal mines.

And that’s our guide on Crashing Season Run! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Crashing Season Run Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Extend Your Runs

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