Cowboy Duel Using Poker Cards in Poker Showdown, Now Available on iOS, Android


The wild west was ruthless time. Bandits ran amuck, and small towns were always at the mercy of random attacks. Thus, the need for bounty hunters rose, and you are one such bounty hunter with a little trick up their sleeve… the power of Poker!

Poker Showdown is a fun western twist on the tried and true Poker formula. You start out as a common bounty hunter, and you will make your name by hunting down bandits that attack the town.

Fighting bandits plays out like a mixture of 5-card Poker and turn-based strategy games. You will bet bullets, then play out the turn trying to get the best hand possible. Depending on your hand, you will deal damage to the bandits.

The bandits have different health and attack values, so you will need to prioritize your targets wisely. Not only do you need a little bit of good old fashioned luck, but you will need some strategy game thinking as well!

Poker Showdown also offers asynchronous multiplayer battles. Challenge your friends to a duel wherever they are, even if they are not actively playing the game!

Poker Showdown is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Cowboy Duel Using Poker Cards in Poker Showdown, Now Available on iOS, Android


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