Countersnipe Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Choosing the Right Guns and Agents

One shot, one kill! Welcome to Countersnipe, the latest creation from the masterminds that brought us the beloved Bloons TD series. Players go head to head in adrenaline-pumping four-on-four matches to see who is the master sniper. Locate your target, and aim for the head!

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In our Countersnipe tips and tricks guide, we will go over general sniping tips as well as agent skills and factions and the various guns as your disposal. There is plenty of player choice here in Countersnipe, and we are here to figure out the best stuff for you. Let’s get started with our Countersnipe cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to choosing the right guns and agents!

How to find your targets!

Countersnipe is basically a game that comes down to swiftness – whoever finds their target first is the winner, provided they can land all of their shots. Finding your target is an ordeal in itself, so we will go over all the different techniques you can use to locate enemies.

The first and most obvious clue is probably one you have noticed already and that is the muzzle flash. Whenever an enemy fires a shot, you will see a brief flash of light emit from their location, giving them away. Keep an eye out for these as you scroll around looking for enemies.

The second method is to use your ears. It is strongly recommended to play Countersnipe with audio on so you can listen for gunshots. Whenever a sniper fires, you will hear a shot coming from the left or right side of your current view, indicating they are somewhere in that direction. If you can, use headphones while playing to make it easier to discern the direction of the sounds.

Also, if an enemy does manage to land a shot on you, your screen will flash red on either the right or left side, showing you where the shot came from. React fast when this happens, because the enemy usually has you dead to rights when this happens!

Be quick on the draw!

You have no control over where you spawn in the map, so it quickly boils down to killing enemies before they can kill you! Be patient, but be swift – the longer you take on a shot, the higher chance an enemy may be able to scout you out.

Sometimes you might just get unlucky and be targeted by all players at once, but do not fret. Just fight back to the best of your ability, using your skills to help out.

Speaking of skills, some Agents have the ability to mitigate incoming damage, but you should only use it when you know for sure someone has found your location. Either that, you must play aggressively to come out on top.

Choosing the right agent for you!

There are total of eight agents in the game, with four on each faction. Every agent has their stats and three different skills to help them snipe better.

The three main stats are Health, Stealth, and Perception. Health is your maximum amount of health. The Stealth stat makes your character appear somewhat transparent to enemies, making you harder to spot. Perception is the counter stat to Stealth – the higher your Perception, the more apparent enemy snipers appear. This is not confirmed, but Perception may also make muzzle flashes appear longer.

When you first start the game, you can choose to start with either the basic Axiom (blue) or Havoc (red) agent. Lionel James, the starting Axiom agent, has 100 stats across the board, making him very balanced. His starting skill Diamond Eye blinds all enemies for 2.5 seconds, which is useful for extending your life if you get spotted.

Havoc’s starting agent is Kodie Kane. Her stats are shifted slightly, and her skill People’s Justice makes her deal 40% more damage for 6 seconds. Whichever Agent you choose to play as, you will earn tokens towards their faction.

So, if you want to unlock more Axiom agents, you play as Lionel as much as possible to start out, and Kodie if you want Havoc agents.

Which agent is the best?

This is ultimately up to you to decide, but here we will go over all of the agents and their stats and skills to help you choose a good agent.


Lionel James: The starting Axiom Agent. With 100 base stats, he is the perfect beginner’s agent. His Diamond Eye skill allows him to blind all enemies agents for a few seconds, while his Double Tap increases rate of fire and decreases recoil, giving him a deadly combo to completely shut down opponents. In a pinch, he can use his Power Shield to take less damage.

Anne Cawood: The stealthiest of the Axiom agents, Anne has lower health but makes up for with it low visibility. Her Snap Shot lets her take a quick pot shot at the target closest to your crosshair, which enables her to do good burst damage in conjunction with her regular shot. Snap Shot and Double Tap together makes for some crazy burst damage! Invulnerability makes her completely invincible, which is great for clutch comebacks.

Samuel Flores: Samuel’s trademark ability Angel of Death lets him deal more damage at the cost of also receiving more. In combination with his second skill Adrenaline Rush which reduces reload time and increases rate of fire, Samuel can be a killing machine in the right hands. Vigilance temporarily increases Perception, making it a little easier to pick out targets.

Anastasia Aalto: The tankiest of the Axiom agents. Anastasia when fully leveled has a lot of health, so she can take some hits before she goes down. Breath Control dramatically reduces crosshair sway and recoil, letting her shoot true. Exit Wound causes enemies to take half of her gun’s base damage over 3 seconds, which can finish off weak enemies. She also gets access to Invulnerability for emergencies.

Our personal favorite is Samuel Flores, as Angel of Death lets him deal 60% more damage. Give him a gun with good stability and accuracy, pop Adrenaline Rush, and just unload on your target for high amounts of rapid damage. Just be careful when you use Angel of Death – if another sniper spots you when it is active, you are probably dead!


Kodie Kane: The beginning Havoc agent. People’s Justice lets her do 40% more damage with no drawbacks, so you should always use this whenever it is up, preferably while under the effects of Double Tap so you can deal good burst damage. She also has access to Vigilance to help her scout out targets.

Benson Kim: The most Perceptive agent in the whole game. His Flash Powder is basically a better version of Lionel’s Diamond Eye, and he also gains Invulnerability. His final skill Ghost increases his Stealth stat by 80%, which practically renders him almost completely invisible. He is a very defensive character, which can work with the right guns.

H: The mysterious agent H can unleash rapid shots for massive burst damage thanks to his trademark skill Trick Quick Charge which instantly reloads his gun automatically if it is off cooldown. With Adrenaline Rush, he can guarantee quick reload times even when Trick Quick Charge is cooling down. He also gains access to the Ghost skill.

Eve Cantor: If you want easy aiming, Eve is for you – her Aim and Hold skill dramatically decreases gun sway and recoil, letting you line up shots with relative ease. Combine this with Double Tap and you can take very accurate shots with very little recoil. Ghost is there when you are in a pinch.

Our personal favorite Havoc agent has to be Eve Cantor. She is a bit tricky to unlock considering she is the last Havoc character, but her Aim and Hold skill is just way too good when you are using guns with too much sway.

Choose your gun!

With four brands and multiple guns in each, there is a sniper rifle for everyone in this game. Most brands have a gun that specializes in each of the basic stats, so you do not have to worry about wasting cash as almost all guns are viable.

In general, Griffin guns are good all-around guns with no obvious weaknesses. Blackburn guns also have all-around stats, but their base damage values are usually higher. Choose either of these brands and stick with it until you are able to afford the LAO guns.

The LAO guns are even better, with even higher damage values are more upgrade potential, so this is what you want to work towards. You can also eventually unlock the K&B guns, which feature the highest base accuracy of all guns but also the LOWEST base handling – these guns are for experts only!

How to get more gun experience?

Whenever you complete a match, you will earn cash, faction tokens, and most importantly gun experience. Gun XP is used – alongside cash – for upgrading your guns and unlocking new equipment for them.

And the end of a match, you can use a booster to increase the amount of cash and gun XP you get, but boosters are relatively hard to come by if you are a free player, so you may want to use them only on matches where you do really well, as your performance affects your rewards.

The main method of getting lots of gun XP is to do your daily gun training, accessed in the main menu. Gun training is split into three difficulties, with basic rewarding 25% gun XP, advanced 50% gun XP, and elite 100% gun XP.

Gun training puts you in a team match against computer opponents. Completing and winning the match rewards you with bonus gun XP, making this the perfect way to upgrade your guns. You can probably get by with the starting guns through the basic difficulty, but you should get some better guns and higher level agents before you try advanced or elite.

To get the bonus gun XP, you must win the match, but be careful – win or lose, that difficulty is locked until the next cycle. Your gun training missions reset every day, so make sure to check in and complete them as they are available.

That’s all for Countersnipe! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Countersnipe Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Choosing the Right Guns and Agents

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