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Coral Island: How to Fast Travel

Coral Island: How to Fast Travel

Coral Island is an exciting farm simulator that allows you to live on a huge tropical island and explore it. In order to simplify the exploration process, you may want to find some kind of fast travel mechanic. This function allows you to teleport between certain points and helps you to move faster. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to fast travel in Coral Island.

How to Fast Travel in Coral Island

Coral Island is a cool game where you can explore a tropical island. There are lots of different locations that you can visit and at some point, you will get access to fast travel points. The game has a few of them and they look like small shrines or lanterns. These points allow you to travel between Farm, Diving Pier, Lake Temple, and Forest Cavern. In order to use them, you will have to unlock each of them.

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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Coral Island

Fast Travel is a crucial feature in Coral Island and if you want to unlock it you will have to complete a few quests. The first one is called the Mythical Dream and you will get it after you sleep on the 6th day. When you complete it you will get the Temple Offering quest and it allows you to use your resources to unlock three fast travel spots. These are Farm, Diving Pier, and Lake Temple. The Forest Cavern fast travel point will be unlocked when you reach level 15 in the mines.

There are lots of cool features that you can find in this game and we will be glad if our guide helps you to unlock and use the fast travel function. Good luck with your further adventures in Coral Island!

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Coral Island: How to Fast Travel


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