Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Earning All Stars


The popular series Diner Dash has finally returned in the form of Cooking Dash 2016! In this new entry, Flo is now working as a cook for celebrity chef on a TV show. Control the pace of the kitchen as you chop, grill, and prepare a variety of dishes!

1. Keep your grills busy!

Even if you have no customers at the moment, you should keep items on the grill just to be prepared. Remember: time is of the essence, and the faster you serve your customers, the bigger tip they’ll leave behind! This is a really useful tip early on, and it becomes even more important as you upgrade your grill and gain new spots. Just be careful not to overcook – leaving food for too long on the grill will burn it, and if you’re out of hand space something will have to be thrown away. You lose money for it, so watch out!

2. You have two hands – use them!

Flo, just like us regular old human beings, has two hands, meaning that she can carry two items at once! Save time on multiple trips by double upping on the stuff you need. For example, if you’re already at the uncooked food bar and you need something chopped and something grilled, grab both and do it all in one trip!

3. Queue up multiple actions!

You can actually queue up multiple actions for Flo to take. If you tap on one action then tap on another, Flo will proceed to the first item then when that’s finished automatically go to the next item. This is incredibly useful if everything is laid out for you and you just need to take action – you don’t need to wait for Flo to finish her current action! You can queue up to around five actions, but be sure not to accidentally queue up more than you need to, as there is no way to cancel actions. Don’t tap like crazy!

4. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t collect tips!

Are there more customers than you can handle? If you finish a customer’s order and don’t collect the tip, a new customer will not show up. Tips on the counter act as a roadblock of sorts; new customers will not appear until you collect the tip. So if you really need to, you can intentionally leave tips on the counter to create some breathing room for yourself. Just be warned though that you are timed on each level so by doing this you are essentially preventing yourself from making more money in the long run, so only do this in an emergency.

5. Get five stars!

Each level has five stars to earn. The more money you bring in, the more stars you earn. If you manage to get all five stars on a level, you get a special bonus that is usually gold bars. Gold bars are the premium currency of the game and the only other way to get these is through level ups. You need them to upgrade certain parts of the kitchen, so they’re important! Don’t worry if you can’t get the stars on your first run through; usually it’s too hard to do so. Just revisit earlier levels once you’ve gotten some upgrades.

6. Buy the grill upgrades!

The grill upgrades are what you should aim for first as they open up more spaces on the grill. These means production will usually speed up in a big way, meaning more happy customers! In fact, the kitchen upgrades are what you should prioritize, but what comes after is up to you. Upgrading food gives you more coins for that particular dish, while upgrading decor makes your customers more patient.

7. Serve the longer customers first!

Each customer has a bar next to them. It starts out green and drains over time – the longer you let this bar go down, the less money they’ll leave behind when you finally serve them. If you let the bar completely drain out, the customer will get up and leave! Pay attention to your current customers and always make sure to serve the one who has been waiting the longest first.

And with that, you should be on your way to dashing with the utmost grace and elegance! If you have any other tips or tricks to share with us, leave a comment below!

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Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Earning All Stars


  1. The toppings are in “containers” on the bar directly in front of the customers. Except in the oriental one they are on the cooking counter beside the beans. Note….you cannot pick them up until you have your plate of food ready.

    • They look like rectangular bins built into the bar. I’m on the paleo restaurant, but I, thinking in table steaks it looks like beige gravy, Mexican is a white sour cream? And green guacamole. Metal rest. Is a red marinara and a white sauce I think. None in dessert shop. Except nuts and flowers that are beside drink machine in lower left corner on cabinet. VIP Valaha also has flowers and gold foil I think….it’s on far left lower counter beside fish. Barbecue place has bbq sauce and rolls in bar top in front of customers. And paleo is chopped lemons and radishes on cutting boards on bar in front of customers. Not hard to miss any of them as they are almost all on the bar sitting right in front of your customers. Also in the tutorial it shows you exactly what and where they are.

  2. Hi how do get all the customers to yes served all customers got them all on level 1 I’m now stuck on level 11 on level 2 table steaks help please

  3. I keep getting the message that I have a supply got that will expire in some odd amount of minutes. I can’t figure out how to get the supply gift. What am I missing?

  4. Monika, The Fyber free cash deals are hardly free when you tally up all the time and aggravation. They hardly ever work. If you get in touch with Fyber (through the support page) they make you jump through hoops, sending screen shots, etc…..and still you rarely get the gold. They treat customers like we are all dishonest and not doing the offers, but trying to get cash anyway. Fyber is a negative experience all around. It is making cooking dash less and less fun, because the game is ridiculously expensive and you need gold to play. That is my take. Good luck!

    • You don’t need to spend anything. Just watch the videos if you need gold. You can get about 20-40 per day if you can be bothered to watch the videos.

  5. Yup, the gold for upgrade is really expensive and you’ll stuck if u can’t upgrade, like me. There’s option for free gold, but even the button is appear, still can’t watch the videos (no videos available). Prep Kitchen is quite helpfull a little bit, but u have to wait for a long times. More venues, more depressing.

  6. Hi I have earned 5 stars in almost every level at 5 different restaurants, but there’s a couple boards at the end of the steak place & Mexican restaurant that I just can’t beat, with only having 4 stars, which boggles my mind, because its the very 1st two restaurants which I presumed to be the easiest. I want to use the 1 time auto chef upgrade of the man with the chef hat that you stock your kitchen with every play, but not sure what he does? Does he do the exact same things as a permanent auto chef, but for a one time use in the prep kitchen slot? Thanks for any input

  7. On cooking dash level 2-8 there is an item on a customers plate however It doesnt have that item to choose from. So how can i Pass the level. It looks like 4 lil balls connected together. HELP

  8. Does anybody know how many total gold bars you need for each episode? I’ve completed a couple of episodes and got the gold crown, but i hate being stopped from upgrading cuz i don’t have enough gold until i earn them or watch commercials to get the free gold. I would rather just save/ earn the gold bars and when i have enough purchase the episode

  9. I have finished Table Steaks season 1, 2, & 3. How do I unlock Eats for Earth? Its not very clear on which game I should be playing next ….


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