Prophet Cookie is an epic Cookie. The players could get acquainted with him together with Purple Candle (who is his pet). Prophet Cookie stands out with his ability to predict the future. In this way, he creates possibilities of getting the points. This character will be happy to get an Ancient Pet Egg as a gift, while displeased if he receives a Bronze Hammer. If you are searching for this mysterious character, we have great news: we know how to obtain him! Keep reading this article to get more information!

​How to Obtain Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

So, you understand that you cannot have fun playing if you do not get Prophet Cookie right now. Where should you search for him? To become the owner of this character, reach Land 8. Still, we advise you to do this because the power of this Cookie is enormous! From time to time, you will see Fortune Cookie Jellies. Grab one to invoke a random prophecy. Keep in mind that it is just temporary. Five different predictions can become true. To get more points from forecasts, you will need to level up. And with the Magic Candy, you will see Golden Fortune Cookie Jellies from time to time. After grabbing one, you will invoke a random prophecy but just for some time. Two predictions may come true.

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So, as you can see, Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is worth being obtained. Become his owner and have fun playing!

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Cookie Run: Ovenbreak – How to Get Prophet Cookie


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