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Cookie Run Kingdom Complete Story 

Cookie Run Kingdom Complete Story 

Cookie Run Kingdom is an exciting and cute RPG. With a team of 5 different Cookies, the player fights monsters to restore the kingdom. Although the gameplay is quite simple, the game has a great storyline, which we will talk about in this guide.

Story of Cookie Run Kingdom

Let’s start with the creation of the first Cookies. This happened many centuries ago. The Three Witches used Moonlight and Life Powder to create a living, sentient Cookie. However, the witches are far from being kind. They created these Cookies just for the sake of eating them. So the Cookie ran away, and from the leftover ingredients, even more, sentient Cookies eventually emerged.

They all united to create the first Cookie Kingdom. It was ruled by five special, Ancient Cookies. They were immortal as they had Soul Jam inside them. Dark Cacao, White Lily, Golden Cheese, Pure Vanilla, and Hollyberry ruled the kingdom until a new threat emerged.

After the escape of the witches, the Cake Monsters and their powerful leader Dark Enchantress appeared. After a long battle, both sides died. And the Cookie Kingdom collapsed to the ground.

Now, back to the present, as the new protagonist GingerBrave begins his story. After a short fight with Cake Monsters, the hero loses consciousness, and after waking up, he goes in search of the stolen legendary Kingdom Crown.

Along the way, GingerBrave encounters various cookies, including several Ancient Ones. He also learns that for all these centuries Pure Vanilla Cookie has been holding back Dark Enchantress in the Vanilla Kingdom. GingerBrave and his friends get together a few more times in the battle with Dark Enchantress, but she again manages to sneak away. The further history of Cookie Run Kingdom is still to be written. But we are confident that GingerBrave will stop at nothing.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Complete Story 


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