Cookie Run: Kingdom Base Design Guide, Tips, and Cheats


Part of the fun of Cookie Run: Kingdom is designing your base and making it your own. Aside from the crucial resource buildings, there’s plenty of fun decor to choose from to make your kingdom really stand out. Get some ideas with the help of our Cookie Run: Kingdom base design guide, tips, and cheats!

Tips for Building a Good Base

Before we get started, it’s important to know that the base building in Cookie Run: Kingdom is very freeform. You don’t really need to abide by any kind of directions, so go ahead and have fun with your decorations and designs. Let your creative mind soar!

First off, the main thing you should focus on is leveling up your Cookie Castle. It’s the heart of your kingdom, and it determines how many of the main production buildings you can put down at once.

Before you can upgrade the Cookie Castle, you’ll have to meet several requirements. Most of them you’ll complete naturally as you progress through the main story, but one you might not hit organically is the Decor Points requirement.

Every building or decor you put down is worth a certain amount of Decor Points, indicated by the number next to the sprout icon. If you’ve already put down the maximum amount of buildings for your current level, start putting down decor for extra Decor Points.

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Since the decor is pretty cheap, feel free to put down whatever you like. This is when you can have a lot of fun—pick your favorite decors and go wild with them! Certain categories of decor have Landmarks, special decors that provide you with permanent buffs to your kingdom. If you’ve got the crystals, these Landmarks are very helpful, and we recommend getting them if you can afford it.

Additionally, if you purchase and place down every decor from a single, individual theme set, you’ll earn some free crystals. This is an easy way—assuming you have the coins—to earn some crystals.

When it comes to actual kingdom design, we recommend keeping all of your resource production buildings next to each other for convenience. Lumberjack’s Lodges, Sugar Quarry, Jellybean Farms, and the like can all go near each other so that you can easily collect all of your resources. This isn’t a hard requirement, of course, so go ahead and place them freely if you prefer.

Eventually, you’ll run out of real estate, so it’s time to start chopping down some trees for more room. Make sure to keep your Smithy busy, as you’ll need the tools acquired from it to take down the patches of trees.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about kingdom designing in Cookie Run: Kingdom. There aren’t really any hard directions you need to follow, so have fun and build the kingdom of your dreams! Want to share off your cool kingdom? Post your usernames below, so you can visit each other’s kingdoms!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Base Design Guide, Tips, and Cheats



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