A young inventor by the name of Billie has done something wondrous: she has brought an avocado to life! Yes, those round little green fruits that are the key ingredient for delicious guacamole – we are talking about those! And now, she has put you in charge of helping Avo out on his adventures in Avo!

Avo! is a new, unique mobile game experience. Billie and Avo’s adventures are recorded in live action, with Avo being superimposed onto the environment. Players will guide Avo along real world environments using simple touch controls. Just drag along the screen to make Avo walk that path!

The adventures starts off fun and bright, with Billie and Avo solving exciting things like building a mini generator from scratch because they forgot to pay the power bill. Relatable, right? But soon enough the adventure takes a turn and the two will have to fight crime, solve mysteries, and even travel through time!

And really, Avo! gains points for simply trying something we have not really seen before in a mobile game. With a mixture of gorgeous real world and digitally created environments, the world of Avo! is just begging to be explored. Get ready – your little avocado partner is ready to roll!

Will you be able to solve the mystery and help Billie and Avo accomplish their dreams? Avo! is available now on the App Store for free.


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