Battleheart 2 is the long, LONG awaited sequel to 2011’s surprise hit strategy RPG. The premise is still roughly the same – take command of a group of heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and command them in real-time strategy combat. Only the strong of heart will survive these ferocious battles!

Battleheart 2 offers 12 unique heroes to build your party out of. All of the popular fantasy classes are here: knights, mages, necromancers, samurais, and more! Each hero has their own base skills, but you can further customize them using talents that augment their existing abilities.

With over twenty types of monsters to battle with, the fights in Battleheart 2 never get old. You will need to adapt to survive, as each monster has their own ways of getting around your attacks. There are also five massive bosses to discover and fight, so you better be prepared for a challenge!

As you fight through the world of Battleheart 2, you will discover awesome equipment for your party members. With over 130 unique items for you to find, there is no shortage of the ways you can gear your heroes.

And if the going is just too tough, Battleheart 2 offers a co-op mode that lets you take on battles with up to three other players. You are never alone in your battles, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Battleheart 2 is finally here and ready to be enjoyed by strategy RPG enthusiasts. Battleheart 2 is available now on the iOS App Store with an Android release coming later.


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