Complete Chemistry Recipes List in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 requires players to not only farm resources and craft items and tools, but also to create their own medicines. Medicines can heal health points, restore stats, cure poison and sickness, and can even boost friendship points when given as a gift. Each item can be created with a few ingredients, just follow the recipes below.

rune factory 5 friendship
Give a Love Potion to gain friendship points (via Rune Factory 5)

Chemistry Recipe List for Rune Factory 5

ItemIngredientsEffectSkill Level
Recovery PotionMedicinal Herb + Green GrassHP recovery +1503
Sweet PowderAppleWater resistance -30%5
Sour CropOrangeEarth resistance -30%7
Healing PotionMedicinal Herb + Red GrassHP recovery +8007
Mixed HerbsGreen Grass + Toy HerbWind resistance -30%8
Heavy SpicePurple GrassFire resistance -30%10
RoundoffBlack Grass + Black GrassHP recovery +80013
Healing PotionPom-Pom GrassHP recovery +80014
Recovery PotionBlue GrassHP recovery +15015
Para-GoneIndigo Grass + Indigo GrassHP recovery +50, Cures paralysis18
Cold MedicineOrange Grass + Toy HerbHP recovery +1000, Cures sickness22
Antidote PotionAntidote Herb + Yellow GrassHP recovery +1500, Cures poison25
No Rot aWithered Grass + Toy HerbPrevents plants from wilting26
Mystery PotionMedicinal Herb + White GrassHP recovery +300033
Magical PotionMedicinal Herb + Elli LeavesHP recovery +50%45
FormuadeHeavy Spicy + Lamp Grass + Iron Leaf + Liquid Type + Powders or SporesMax. HP -50%, STR +70%, VIT +70%, CRIT +20%, All ailment resist +25%46
InvinciroidFormuade + Autumn Grass + Hot-Hot Fruit +Noel Grass + Emery FlowerCures all ailments, immune to them for 12hrs game time, HP recovery +100%, RP recovery +100%, STR +50%/10%, VIT +50%/10%, INT +50%/10%76
The ProteinRed Crystal + Red Crystal + Spinach + Liquid Type + Powders or SporesPermanently raises STR by +180
Vital GummiBlue Crystal + Blue Crystal + Bok Choy + Liquid Type + Powders or SporesPermanently raises VIT by +183
Love PotionGrape Liqueur + Pink Melon + Strawberry + Honey + Hot-Hot Fruit +Emery FlowerRP recovery +50%, Cures all status ailments, Knockback resist +10%, Crit resist +50%, All status ailment +25%. Raises a high amount of friendship points when given as a gift to some. 87

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Complete Chemistry Recipes List in Rune Factory 5


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