What if your world lost color? Dropped into the mysterious and colorless world Umiro, Huey and Satura find themselves lost with no recollection of the events leading up to their present predicament.

One thing is clear, however. Those radiant crystals bursting with color are fragments of the puzzle, and the two are going to have to work together to piece together this mystery and find their way home.

Umiro is an imaginative puzzle game featuring two controllable characters. You start the game initially with only Huey, but soon enough Satura will join the team. Players can control the two by drawing paths for them to traverse. When you’re ready to go, hit the play button to watch your paths play out.

In order to unlock the next level, Huey and Satura must shatter the various crystals scattered about the level. It’s easier said than done with multiple obstacles and hazards blocking your path, so take caution when drawing your paths.

You’ll need to think outside of the box to solve these delightful puzzles. Huey and Satura have their own paths, so you’ll need to consider all your options when thinking of a solution.

With over forty levels specifically designed with the two character mechanic in mind, Umiro is one engaging adventure that will leave you hooked.

Umiro is available now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for $2.99.


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