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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update patch notes

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update patch notes
Call of Duty: Mobile
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After Season 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile proved to be a commercial success for the developers, they have great expectations from the next one. The much-awaited Season 11 update is releasing globally on October 14 with a brand new Battle Pass in COD Mobile.

The patch notes of the forthcoming Season 11 update has also been announced officially on the official Facebook page of Garena COD Mobile. For the unaware, the game has two different variants. The global version is being managed by Activision, while in Southeast Asia, Garena is handling the title. However, the content for both versions is the same.

Here’s a look at the official patch notes of Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update.

COD Mobile Season 11 patch notes

New Ranked mode series rewards

  • New epic blueprint: Kilo Bolt-Action – Dealer
  • New epic soldier: T.E.D.D. – Where To Sir?
  • New epic frame: Steeled Frame
  • New epic calling card: High Roller
  • New epic charm: Season 7

New Events

  • Anniversary Event & Halloween Event: Stay Tuned!
  • New challenges and missions with new rewards
  • New Perk: Tactician. Spawn with an extra piece of tactical equipment.
  • New base gun: NA45

New Battle Pass available on October 15th

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • New Epic soldiers
  • New Epic Blueprints
  • New Legendary Calling Card

New Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • New base SMG: Fennec. Fennec is a short-range high-speed weapon with high explosive force and large recoil force, which can be modified into dual-holding weapons to enhance explosive power.
  • New Scorestreak: Advanced UAV. It shows the position and direction of enemies on the player’s mini-map in real-time.

Changes (Multiplayer mode)

  • New Featured Game Mode – Cranked Mode
  • Fight quick or die! Earn a “Cranked” bonus whenever you get a kill. Extend it by killing more. Failure to obtain a kill within the time limit will lead to exploration and death
  • Available on Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust, Shipment
  • Pumpkin Confirmed
  • Limited time mode during Halloween. Stay tuned
  • New Map – King
  • Available for Gun Fight, Duel
  • Standoff-Halloween will return during Halloween. Stay tuned!

New attachments

  • New gun perk for Fennec and MW11: Akimbo. Hold a weapon in each hand while ADS is no longer available
  • New attachment for AK-47: 5.45 Caliber Ammo. Greatly increase fire rate, good for close-range combat
  • New attachment for HVK30: Large Caliber Ammo. Increase damage to head and upper chest, good for mid-range combat


  • 10v10 TDM,10v10 DOM, Kill Confirmed and Capture the Flag will be available on more maps
  • Attack of the Undead: Increase the main weapon damage and HP limit of survivors after certain kills. Increase the HP limit and axe damage of undeads after certain kills
  • New Marker Setting

Changes (BR Mode)

New weapon

  • Purifier. A special high-pressure liquid ejector that causes continuous fire damage to enemies in close range. Jump into water to stop the continuous damage

New mod

  • Sleuth – Damaging an enemy reveals their location on the mini-map every 5 seconds

New ammo

  • Ballistic Expert. New ammo for special weapons, including War Machine, Tempest, Annihilator, and Purifier


  • In Loadout – Battle Royale – Weapon Camos, player can use epic or legendary skins to customize in-game weapon outlooks
  • New automatic obstacle avoidance feature for land wheeled vehicles. You can turn it off in BR setting – vehicle
  • New setting in settings> loot setting: set default looting number of Armor Plate
  • New setting in settings- Basic – BR mode: Turn off to switch to a main weapon automatically after throwing one lethal or tactical equipment

The aforementioned changes are some of the prominent ones sourced from the official Garena Facebook page. Click here to read the complete patch notes of the COD Mobile Season 11 update.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update patch notes


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