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COD Mobile Clown Class: Everything You Need to Know

COD Mobile Clown Class: Everything You Need to Know
Aren't we all just clowns?
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Call of Duty: Mobile is finally out earlier this year, and fans of the franchise are given a chance to take the game along with them and whip it out when they please to get a little pew-pew action going (We realize that sounds weird but we’re going with it).

The game manages to please every kind of Call of Duty fan by mixing and matching features and content from COD games like the  Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, all the while creating its own unique systems. One of these being the Class system that COD Mobile features.

From the classes that are available to play for you, there is one  that sticks out like a sore thumb (or a giant honking fake red nose). That class is commonly known as COD Mobile’s Clown class.

The Clown: Utility and Abilities

The Clown is one of the most useful classes you can find in the game’s Battle Royale mode. This is due to the fact that the Battle Royale mode features zombies that you need to fight against, and The Clown uses skills that are equipped to deal with them perfectly.


The Clown’s first ability, Anti-Zombie, plays the role of reducing the distance within which zombies can detect and attack you. What this means is that you can pass quite close to the zombies without having them attacking you, unlike everyone else.

Toy Robot

This skills drops a Toy Robot which attracts any nearby zombies, which then turns them into your allies that work with you to attack your enemies that are nearby. It is recommended that you use this skill towards the end of games, as your enemies’ safe area to hide from the undead is severely limited.

The Clown may be the most unorthodox class out there in COD Mobile, but as they say, don’t knock it before you try it yourself!

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COD Mobile Clown Class: Everything You Need to Know


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